Cement grout plant for tunnel project

March 10, 2021

WGP400/700/320/100TPI-E cement grout plant for tunnel project is a combination of a mixing tank, an agitator tank and a high-pressure slurry pump as the grout pump in one base frame, it is a whole plant of mixing, agitating and grouting. It has compact size and it is easy to operate. WGP400/700/320/100TPI-E grout plant for tunnel project is used for making the grout slurry and then grouting the slurry under low pressure or high pressure in the application highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction.

cement grout plant for tunnel project

The cement grout plant for tunnel project  can mix the cement (or similar material) and water under high efficiency and then low-pressure grout of cement slurry or similar mud, sealing rocks and soil in tunnels, mining, hydropower works, slope stabilization and underground sealing, reinforcement and stabilization projects, etc.

The high-speed vortex mixer ensures fast and uniform mixing. Water, cement or soil quickly mix into a uniform slurry. The mixed slurry is then sent to the mixer. The grid pump is injected from the agitator drum (storage tank). This ensures continuous mixing and grouting operations. The grouting plant is driven by an electric motor. The injection pressure and displacement can be adjusted.

cement grout plant for tunnel project

During the reciprocating movement of the piston, the outlet check door closes under the action of its own weight and the pressure difference when the piston moves outwards, and the inlet check door opens under the action of the pressure difference. Suck the liquid into the pump chamber. When the piston presses inward, the pressure in the pump chamber rises, causing the inlet check door to close, and the outlet check door to open to press the liquid into the outlet pipe.

cement grout plant for tunnel project

Engineering application of cement grout plant for tunnel project:

1. The cement grout plant for tunnel project is used for vertical and horizontal transportation of mortar in construction engineering.

2. It is used to repair blast furnaces and other equipment in the metallurgical iron and steel sector.

3. It is used for grouting in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, mine and tunnel construction.

4. In the chemical industry, it is used to transport paste-like raw materials (color paste, paint), magnetic materials and other media.

5. Used to reinforce dams in farmland and water conservancy projects. Sand dike drilling is used to reinforce the well and so on.

6. Used for grouting reinforcement of bridges and culverts in railway construction.

7. It is used for mortar injection and expansion in prestress construction projects.

8. Used for conveying fly ash mortar in thermal power plants.

9. It is used in the maintenance of highway pavement for the pressure drop of the cavities at the bottom of the cement concrete pavement.

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