Refractory mixer machine 250 kgs capacity

February 24, 2021

The refractory mixer machine 250 kgs capacity is also called refractory mixer, quick mixer, etc. This 250kgs capacity refractory mixer machine is developed and manufactured by us based on years of practical experience. The refractory mixer machine 250kgs capacity adopts a direct drive circulating pin reducer gearbox. The refractory mixer machine is simple in structure, durable, easy to maintain, and equipped with landing gear, it is more convenient, labor-saving and more efficient to use.  The refractory mixer is mainly used to mix refractory materials, plastic concrete, mortar, slag, paint, silicate products, etc. in a mixed dry, semi-dry, and wet state. Refractory equipment can also be used with various cranes. The refractory mixer machine can be customized and processed according to customer needs to meet customer needs on different occasions. It is widely used in the refractory industry, steel industry, building materials industry and other fields, and is well received by users.

refractory mixer machine 250 kgs capacity

The features of the 250 kgs capacity refractory mixer machine:

The refractory mixer machine 250kgs adopts the international advanced design concept, combined with China's actual use requirement design. The 250kgs capacity refractory mixer machine used motor direct drive advanced cycloid pin gear reducer drive concept, simple structure, improve the power output, reducing energy consumption, etc. There are five stirring spade in the mixing barrel, unique reasonable structure, large amount of mixing, mixing, speed, discharge quickly clean, easy to use, simple maintenance.(Optional installation of various hopper lifting devices, more suitable for your needs, meet your requirements for different occasions to use the blender).

refractory mixer machine 250 kgs capacity

When we use the 250kgs capacity refractory mixer machine, we can first turn on the switch on the protective power distribution cabinet on the refractory mixer. When the refractory mixer machine 250kgs capacity enters the normal working state, we can put the refractory material or the mixture to be stirred into the mixer, and at the same time, we can add a certain amount of water to the mixer. After the materials are evenly mixed, we can open the material door to discharge the evenly mixed materials, and then close the material door, thus completing a mixing cycle.

 refractory mixer machine 250 kgs capacity

When we use the 250kgs capacity refractory mixer machine, we should pay attention to the following:

1. Preparation before starting up: check whether there is any sundry in the disk, check whether the bolts of each part are loose or missing, check whether the scraper is loose, and whether there is any leakage of the wire.

2. Turn on: Clear all materials in the disk, and then restart. When turning on the power to start the machine, listen to whether there is any abnormal sound, and then add materials according to the regulations.

3. Shutdown: You should wait until the materials in the pan are finished before you can stop the machine. Don't forget to clean up the remaining materials in the pan.

4. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the refractory mixer machine 250kgs capacity after loading.

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