Product advantages of concrete spraying machine and specific spraying methods

February 23, 2021

The WZ series concrete spraying machine produced by WODETEC is also called concrete spraying machine. It is an equipment used for dry spraying and wet spraying of concrete. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. It is widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, slope support, hydropower projects, underground projects and coal mine tunnels.

advantages of concrete spraying machine

1. The main structure and working principle of WZ series dry concrete spraying machine (abbreviation: dry spraying machine)

Dry shotcrete machine is mainly composed of driving device, rotor assembly, air duct system, injection system, electrical control box and other parts. The agitated material enters the hopper of the jet machine through the vibrating screen, and is injected into the straight-through cavity of the rotor by the shifter or wind pressure, and then goes to the outlet with the rotor. Compressed air entering from the air chamber, The material is blown into the discharge elbow; another pressure wind is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown, accelerated, rotated and floated in a multi-head spiral wind, enters the conveying pipe, and reaches the nozzle. Add a small amount of supplementary water (when spraying moisture) or liquid quick-setting agent (when spraying wet) to spray out.

advantages of concrete spraying machine

2. The product advantages of WZ series dry shotcrete machine are as follows:

1. Straight-through rotor type non-adhesive material cavity, smooth discharge, high efficiency and time saving, reducing cleaning and maintenance workload.

2. Four-point elastic compensation and compression, good sealing effect, less dust around the machine, and long service life of wearing parts.

3. Low-pressure and high-speed vortex air conveying can overcome the problems of adhesion, pipe blockage and pulse separation in material conveying, and the material flow is uniform, continuous and stable.

4. The spray head is made of high polymer material by pressure injection, which improves the spraying effect, with high spray layer quality and less rebound.

5. The accessories required for the equipment are all produced by our company, with high wear resistance/high alloy material, strong wear resistance, long service life, economical and durable.

Third, the spraying operation method of the WZ dry shotcrete machine:

After the preparation work is completed, the mixing material can be added to the machine. The operator should first open the main valve, open the valve of the upper air pipe 1/3 turn, and then adjust the lower air pipe (air pressure to the cyclone) to approximately 0.05-0.1Mpa no-load wind pressure (depending on the conveying distance). Then turn on the nozzle water valve to wet the rock surface. At this time, the machine operator can start the machine and start the concrete spraying operation. The current working pressure is about 0.2-0.4Mpa. According to the water-cement ratio of the mixture and the conveying distance, adjust the wind pressure to the cyclone until the sprayer thinks that the jet velocity is appropriate. 

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