Refractory gunning machine manufacturer

August 09, 2021

The refractory gunning machine are continuous operation of rotor spray gun spray machines, have a wide production capacity and are widely verified in the refractory industry. Dust-free and low-wear spray gun technical requirements for dry refractory concrete are very high and can be applied to material shot cleat machines.

 Refractory gunning machine manufacturer

The  refractory gunning machine can mainly be applied to the following applications: Industrial furnace refractory layer for hot spray work. Primarily applied to concrete spraying, it supports the construction of tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, mining roads and highway slopes. Protection, etc. and thermal spraying of the refractory layer of industrial furnaces.

 Refractory gunning machine manufacturer

When the refractory gunning machine operates, the gun material to be processed is fed to the rotor via a hopper and star agitator. The rotor is fixed between the two sealing plates and is driven by a rotating current or compressed air motor. The material for the spray gun is sent to the air pipe by the so-called trickle method and blown into the hose or pipe through compressed air. Dry or slightly damp gun material is mixed with water in front of the nozzle mixing unit. The spray material is drained from the pipe and sprayed onto a specific construction area.

 Refractory gunning machine manufacturer

When using refractory gunning machine, you need to be aware of the following:

1. Repeated spraying should be done on the concrete before the final solidification. For final solidification 1 hour after spraying, it should be washed on the surface of the water spray layer. If there are overcuts or lowland cracks, they should be sprayed. It is configured first and then sprayed as usual.

2. It is strictly forbidden to point the sprinkler head at personnel.

3. In the process of injection such as pipe clogging, stop the wind power failure, immediately shut down the water gate, put the nozzle down and make the feeding tube waterproof. When dealing with clogged pipes, it is used to supply percussive method material pipes.

4. Sprayers must wear dust masks, latex gloves and eyeglasses

5. After the injection work, spray the layer within 7 days, spray water every shift time, water once a day for 7 days, then let it cure continuously for 28 days.

Refractory gunning machine manufacturer

Before using the  refractory gunning machine, the following preparations must also be made:

1. Check the shotcrete pipe for air leaks and water, and dispose of it in time.

2. Inspect the supply pipeline for wear and repair or replace if any problems are found.

3. The supply pipeline must be smooth and dead bends and hard bends are not allowed to prevent the pipeline from clogging or causing severe wear.

4. Check and clean the miscellaneous goods in the bottle. Then spray on a specific construction area.

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