Refractory gunning machine for refractory walls

April 09, 2021

Refractory gunning machine for refractory walls is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting and waterproof surface spraying, fireproof spraying, heat preservation material spraying, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, paint spraying, garden spraying, relief effect coating spraying, handicraft spraying, rockery spraying, sound-absorbing material spraying, waterproof and leak-stopping, waterproof and leak-filling, and is light and convenient for construction under bridges, dams, hillsides, basements, tunnels and housing plants.

refractory gunning machine for refractory walls

Refractory gunning machine for refractory walls has the following characteristics:

Higher efficiency: simple structure, strong adaptability, less failure, durable, easy to operate, easy to install

Stable performance: high pumping pressure and long conveying distance. The pumpable jet slump is in the range of 8-20CM, thereby reducing the dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle, and eliminating the health hazard to workers

Stable and mature: high efficiency: large conveying volume, high overall efficiency

Economical and practical: high performance: high performance sprayed concrete, compact room, homogeneous, high strength

Mature technology: high reliability; internationally renowned brands of wearing parts ensure high reliability of the equipment

refractory gunning machine for refractory walls

Stable and reliable: Accelerator addition and control technology: domestic famous brand pneumatic metering pump is accurate, atomizing jet and nozzle material flow are mixed, so that coagulant and concrete are evenly mixed

Cost saving: reduce the consumption of refractory materials and reduce labor intensity

Energy saving and environmental protection: Low resilience: When dry spraying, the resilience of concrete can reach 15%-50%. Using wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to less than 10%, effectively saving costs

refractory gunning machine for refractory walls

Refractory gunning machine for refractory walls is currently widely used in the construction of various refractory materials and the maintenance of blast furnace steel plants. The refractory gunning machine refractory walls has the characteristics of high work efficiency, high reliability of the adopted system and stable conveying capacity. If you are interested in the refractory gunning machine for refractory walls, please contact us!

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