Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete

April 07, 2021

The peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete series is a new, multi-functional, multi-purpose industrial pump. It can be used in chemical, petroleum, water treatment, medicine, food, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, ceramics, papermaking and other industries.

 Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete

The peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete has the following features and uses:

1. Unique non-sealed structure, so that it will not produce any leakage;

2. Strong self-priming ability, the suction range of clean water can reach 8 meters;

3. The pumped fluid is only in contact with the hose, so it can transport various viscosity, density, corrosive and abrasive fluid materials;

4. It can transport liquid materials containing solid particles, crystals, fibrous materials and other impurities, without any blockage and failure;

5. It can run in forward and reverse directions and has self-cleaning ability;

6. The pump does not need to be primed for start-up, which is particularly convenient for clearance operations;

7. Low vibration and noise, can be fixed on a trolley, mobile operation,

8. Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance

9. Low power consumption, high volumetric efficiency, and good measurement ability

 Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete

Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete applications:

1. Inorganic salt materials such as acid, alkali, phosphate slurry and titanium dioxide in the chemical industry;

2. Drilling mud in petrochemical industry and its origin transportation;

3. Transportation of sludge slurry, lime slurry, etc. in water treatment;

4. Mining and metallurgical industries, such as transportation of filling materials in gold mining and ore slurry in the process of gold smelting;

5. The transportation of various drug materials and liquids in the pharmaceutical industry;

6. Transportation of oil materials and beverages in the food industry;

7. Pulp and sulfur pulp transportation in the paper industry;

8. Cement mortar transportation in the construction industry;

9. Conveyance of ceramic glaze slurry in the ceramic industry;

10. Nuclear waste, electrolytic waste residue, metal slag liquid, paint, coating, adhesive, glue, latex, refractory fiber slurry and all other liquids with high tight sealing requirements, high viscosity, and high particle content are transported.

 Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete

Peristaltic pump for pumping cellular concrete working principle:

A pair of pressure rollers rotate along a special rubber tube to flatten the rubber tube. Under the force of its own elasticity and side guides, the tube returns to its original shape. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the tube to suck the material into the cavity; then, the material is sucked into the tube cavity. It is discharged from the tube under the subsequent pressure and squeeze. Such a cycle continues, and the material is continuously sucked and discharged.

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