Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration

April 07, 2021

Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration is designed for mid to larger-sized hydroseeding projects. From large residential and commercial properties, highway roadsides, industrial parks, sports fields, mine reclamation sites and more, the two types are an economical choice for performance and production.

 Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration

Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration has the following features:

1. More horsepower with high efficiency: 100kw Cummins diesel engine, Air-controlled over-center clutch.

2. With engine protection door and ventilation .

3. Specially design centrifugal pump: 5’’x3’’, capacity is 90m3/h.

4. Spraying distance of up to 70m from cannon.

5. Swivelable hydraulic hose reel with reel in and reel out functionality.

6. Agitator with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation.

7. With ground level control box with start and stop controls.

8. With emergency stop button on top and ground level to shutdown engine in emergency.

 Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration

Hydro seed machine for ecological restoration has the following applications:

WHS08100 hydroseeding machine is used for spraying water-based mixture of slurry, grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, water-retaining agent, adhesion agent; it is used in residential landscape, commercial landscape, soil erosion control, mine rehabilitation etc.

The hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration gradually replaced the position of dry sprayer and concrete pump in construction, and to a certain extent solved the low efficiency of dry sprayer, high construction cost, more labor, high cost of wet sprayer, and high risk. The disadvantage of inconvenience. After repeated research and improvement, continuous comparison and improvement. It can now be used for spray sowing on soil-free or organic soil surfaces such as rock, soil and sand.

Hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration

The hydroseeding machine for ecological restoration is a new type of greening method. The grass seeds for greening, water-retaining agent, adhesive, and fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in a mixing container to form a gel-like mixed slurry, and the pressure pump is used to spray it on the waiting room. Sow the land. Since the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, it ensures the source of water and other nutrients required for plant growth, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly. It is suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially in arid areas lacking irrigation facilities.

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