Shotcrete machine for sale south africa

April 02, 2021

Shotcrete machine for sale south africa is mainly divided into wet shot cleats machines and dry shot cleats machines. Dry spray is the addition of a dry mixture to a dry nozzle, the addition of water to the nozzle, the spraying of concrete using a handheld nozzle, and the manual installation of a large amount of accelerators. This dry spray technology has high repulsion rate, large dust, and poor construction environment.

Shotcrete machine for sale south africa machines employ engineering vehicles or chassis that are highly manoeuvrable, easy to turn and very convenient for construction work.

  Shotcrete machine for sale south africa

Shotcrete machine for sale south africa  is mainly used for surface construction. For example, pools, rockery, foundation filling, and other construction applications. Regarding displacement, there are mainly 3 cubes, 5 cubes, and 9 cubes.

Advantages of shotcrete machine for sale:

1. High quality and reliable performance.

2. Good sealing performance, slight dust.

3. Reasonable design, convenient to move.

4. Convenient operation and service life.

5. Non-adhesive transit rotor with new material chamber completely eliminates adhesion and blocking during operation to reduce clearance and maintenance period.

 Shotcrete machine for sale south africa

6. Thin flow transfer method with eddy current, where the spray flow is uniform, continuous and stable to improve the quality of shotcrete.

7. The 4-point clamp device facilitates the adjustment of the press between the sealing plate and the rotor disc, eliminating air and dusk leaks and extending the life of consumable parts.

8. Widely used in mining, tunnels, culverts, seawalls, etc.

Shotcrete machine for sale south africa  is currently an auxiliary device for concrete placement. Currently, it is widely used in projects such as mines, culverts, foundation pit support for buildings, and river slope protection.

  Shotcrete machine for sale south africa

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