Price of refractory castable guniting machine

August 21, 2019
The price of refractory castable guniting machine is widely used in the spraying of refractory materials, castables, etc. in steel plants. Depending on the output capacity, we have WZ-3ER (3m3/h) and WZ-5ER (5m3 h) refractory castable guniting machine to choose from.
Price of refractory castable guniting machine
The price of the refractory  guniting machine is a straight cavity rotor type sprayer.
According to the spraying process, it belongs to the dry spraying process, and only water is added to the nozzle. As far as we know, refractory prices are higher than ordinary concrete, so reducing rebound is very important for cast-in sprayers. To reduce the rebound rate, we use our new pre-wetting nozzle assembly to sell our castable spray guns. There are two water pipes in the nozzle, 70% of the water is added from the back water line in the nozzle direction, and 30% is added from the front water line. The needle valve precisely adjusts and controls the amount of water sprayed.
High pressure water pump
Unlike ordinary dry-jet concrete machines, castable spray guns are also equipped with high-pressure pumps. It will supply high pressure water to the nozzle assembly, ensuring that the material mixes even with water.
New type pre-dampening nozzle
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