Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete

September 20, 2021

Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete mainly consist of pump casings, rotating frames, squeeze wheel assemblies, support wheel assemblies, block wheel assemblies, tough and abrasion resistant squeeze hoses and power drive systems. The squeeze hose is arranged in a horizontal U shape within the pump housing. When the power system drives and rotates the squeeze wheel of the rotating frame, the backlog of the squeeze wheel elastically deforms the squeeze hose, creating a pressure of 1-2 MPA at the suction port. Under negative pressure, the fluid slurry is quickly sucked in and the material is drained from the outlet through a few squeeze wheels. The squeeze wheels are sealed and extruded section by section. At the same time, the next slurry comes one after another, thereby forming a pressure cycle of the slurry.


 Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete

Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete employs valveless operation, no back flow, free inlet and outlet conversion, stable pump material flow, and low failure rate. High vacuum and strong self-priming ability. Maintenance is easy and quick, with few wear parts (just squeeze the hose). Industrial concrete hose pumps for sale are also used for the quantitative transport of liquids in the laboratory. Mining and benefit; Gold smelting; Chemical industry; Sewage treatment; Petroleum industry; Ceramic industry; Paper industry; Cosmetics; Construction industry; Electroplating industry; Food industry; Pharmaceutical industry; Transports metal slag liquids, paints, coatings, printing and dyeing aids, adhesives, adhesives, latex, fire resistant fiber slurry, and other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity and high particle content. ..

 Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete

The features of the peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete are as follows:

1. Since there is no seal part such as mechanical seal or gland packing, there is no need to worry about leakage of the seal part.

2. Since there is no seal, it can be used as a vacuum pump by running idle.

3. Since the liquid passes only through a special rubber tube, the moving parts such as the impeller, rotor, and cylinder do not come into contact with the liquid, stir, or foam, and can be transported directly in its original state. increase.

4. Industrial hose pumps can be carried in either the discharge or suction direction. Therefore, the liquid remaining in the discharge pipe can be easily discharged by turning it upside down.

5. The only part that comes into contact with liquid is rubber, which has excellent wear resistance and can be operated at low speed, making it suitable for transporting concrete.

 Peristaltic pump for CLC foam concrete

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