Peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine

February 04, 2021

Peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine is a multi-functional and multi-purpose fluid conveying equipment. It can convey materials with high viscosity, high solid content, solid particles, fibrous materials, and impurities without any blockage. It is also its strong point when transporting corrosive fluids, and it will not cause any leakage.

peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine 

The advantage of the peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine is that it has a strong self-priming ability. For an industrial pump, when it is used, it will often face many different working environments, and the application field is also extremely ** : Chemical, petroleum, sewage treatment, food, mining, construction, ceramics, paper and other industries, known as multi-functional, multi-purpose hose pump.

 peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine

The  peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine uses a motor to drive a group of silver to rotate. The rotor runs through the soft U-shaped pump tube one after another, and it is alternately squeezed to release the pumping efficiency to work. The squeezed fluid in the hose produces flow output. After the pressure disappears, the hose relies on its own elasticity. Restore. Just like the repeated contraction and relaxation of our body's muscles can make blood flow in the blood vessels.

The  peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine points out "volume, vacuum generation, fluid suction". This continuous action is the technical principle of the hose pump. Repeated compression and release, this squeezing action creates a vacuum, sucking fluid in and passing through the pump tube, thereby Complete the pumping process.

 peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine

Industrial  peristaic pump for tunnel boring machine structure:

(1) Pump housing: the whole carbon steel casting, and after hardening treatment; the pump body is a cavity structure, no need to fill other liquid.

(2) Rotor: Cast steel casting, the tip of the rotor can be replaced separately after wear, and the operation and maintenance cost is low. The rotor is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and runs smoothly. (3) Pressure mixing: Alloy steel material, with sufficient rigidity, and end face sealed.

(4) Hose: rubber (NR) material, the inner wall should be smooth, easy to clean, high pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

(5) Base: Made of 45# channel steel, it should be easy to install.

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