Industrial peristaltic hose pump supplier

April 22, 2021

The advent of industrial peristaltic hose pump can be traced back more than half a century ago, when the first firefighting project in Connecticut, USA was used to transport mortar.As the ndustrial peristaltic hose pump supplier, our company has introduced industrial hose pump technology for nearly 10 years. Through the continuous efforts of engineers, we will continue to improve the original hose pump and continue to develop its materials and manufacturing processes.

Wode industrial peristaltic hose pump are exported to the United States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. The export value does not exceed USD 1000,000.00. There are many types of lead peristaltic pumps, which are mainly composed of pump casing, rotor, drum, idler, squeeze tube and drive unit.

 Industrial peristaltic  hose pump supplier

The industrial peristaltic hose pump is particularly suitable for conveying certain slurries, including swelling, bubbles, fibers, bubbles and other properties. It is mainly used in engineering construction, production increase, lightning protection, smelting and mixing, sewage purification and chemical pumps.

 Industrial peristaltic  hose pump supplier

We have many years of expertise in the development and manufacture of industrial hose pumps, and have extensive experience in applying hose pumps to various fields. Regarding the use characteristics, use requirements and specific working conditions of hose pumps, there are many use data records. If you want to customize the hose peristaltic pump, please choose a more professional manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer of hose pumps, Zhengzhou Ruikete promises to honor our promise to customers and always adhere to this principle to solve the problems they will encounter in the future.

 Industrial peristaltic  hose pump supplier

For more information about hose pumps, please visit our website. If a hose pump is needed, what is the required output capacity and working pressure? What is the voltage in your local area? We can customize the voltage motor suitable for you. If the working area is far away and the power supply is inconvenient, a diesel engine hose pump can also be provided.If you are interested in the industrial peristaltic hose pump, please contact us!

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