Grout plant pump with mixer

April 21, 2021

Grout plant pump with mixer is a complete set of equipment that combines a grouting agitator and a grouting pump, which can perform efficient and low-consumption work, effectively reducing complex procedures and long-distance operations. The pulping machine performs high-speed pulping production and storage of cement slurry and other similar materials, and then directly uses a pump to pump the slurry to the construction connection point to complete uninterrupted grouting and grouting. Grout plant pump with mixer is mainly used for the construction of roads, railways, hydropower, construction, mines and other above-ground and underground projects. It can quickly mix water, cement, sand, bentonite, filler, clay, silicate and other media. Then the plunger grouting pump is used for grouting/grouting to realize the functions of waterproof plugging, tunnel lining, foundation and rock reinforcement and gap filling. This series of grouting pumps have the advantages of compact structure, high grouting pressure and wide application range.

 Grout plant pump with mixer

Grout plant pump with mixer can be used for the following applications:

Civil engineering-soil nails, kickbacks, ground anchors, high pressure magma

Structural-building repair, foundation reinforcement, foundation reinforcement, soil compaction and grouting

Construction-post-tensioning, sealing under the board, top and board elevation

Ocean-underwater foundations, docks, crushers, shoreline foundations

Mining-high pressure rock grouting, tunnel lining, contact grouting, waterproofing, cables and rock bolts

Public utilities—environmental protection structure, waterproofing, dam foundation

Geotechnical engineering-deep well casing, monitoring well, closure and abandonment

Grout plant pump with mixer 

Precautions for the use of the grout pump with mixer:

1. When the grout plant with mixer is in operation, the grouting personnel shall not leave their posts without authorization.

2. During the operation of the equipment, the operator shall not put his hands or other objects into the running and protection parts.

3. The operator should check the equipment every day and change the grease on the equipment regularly. After each shift, please make sure that the equipment is operating normally and the pipeline is unobstructed.

4. It is strictly forbidden to close the water valve during the grouting process] to prevent blockage of equipment and pipelines

5. The grout plant pump with mixer should be overhauled and maintained to ensure the normal operation of the electromechanical equipment. After each grouting is completed, all equipment should be overhauled. 

6. When pulping workers are not allowed to enter the material processing storage tank, they should supervise the transportation equipment in time, load the materials to ensure that the slurry concentration is normal, and ensure that the outlet of the filter is normal.

7. After a sudden power or water cut, you should contact relevant departments in time. After the power is restored, the clean water pump will flush the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline will not be blocked before starting to continue grouting.

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