Grass seed hydroseeding machine

April 20, 2021

The grass seed hydroseeding machine for sale produced by WODETEC is a kind of plant seeds (grass, flower or tree) that are scientifically processed, mixed into water, and mixed with a certain proportion of ingredients (including fertilizer, pigment, wood fiber mulch, Pulp, adhesive, water-retaining agent, soil conditioner), through mixing, use the action of the high-pressure pump body, spray sowing on the ground or slope surface modern vegetation planting equipment The grass seed hydroseeding machine for sale is a kind of vegetation greening mechanical equipment, which is mainly used for the greening of highway (railway) slopes, mine greening, desert control and other greening projects. Hydraulic spray seeding machine, also known as hydraulic spray seeding machine or hydraulic spray seeding machine, is suitable for covering three-dimensional nets and can be formed at one time. During construction on site, appropriate amount of soil, paper fiber, and wood fiber can be added according to site conditions, a large amount of construction cost, speed up construction and effective grass germination rate and survival rate.

 Grass seed hydroseeding machine

Watering the most slope surface before spraying the soil according to the nature of the soil or rock surface of the construction work surface. The treated seeds (grass seeds) can now be used for spray sowing on soil, sand and other soil-free surfaces or organic soil surfaces. The technical problem of water leakage and slurry leakage of the pump body in the past has been solved. By mixing soil materials with excellent nutrient structure Liquid, prevent soil erosion and cultivate vegetation. It is transported and sprayed to the surface of the garbage layer to be covered by a flexible and movable high-pressure hose. After the material is dried, a covering film layer is formed on the surface of the garbage.

 Grass seed hydroseeding machine

The grass seed hydroseeding machine for sale is mainly used for the greening of highway (railway) slopes. Generally, within three to five years, the desired plant community can be initially formed. With the continuous technology of plant protection manufacturers, the efficiency, performance, and operability of plant protection operations have become obvious, and they have been accepted and recognized by more and more users.

 Grass seed hydroseeding machine

The main features of the grass seed hydroseeding machine for sale:

{C}1. {C}Good performance-price ratio: high output and low cost.

2. Less labor-consuming: End the history of labor-intensive sieving.

3. High sand extraction rate: The stones sieved by manual sieving will also contain usable soil, and the excavation rate of this machine is, which greatly improves the economic benefits.

4. Strong screening ability: No matter how high the moisture content of the soil is, it can be screened normally, ending the history of artificial sieving soil that cannot be sieved due to high moisture content.

5. Fast screening speed: it is more than 10 times that of manual work.

6. ​Easy to use and labor-saving: The machine has low feeding height, small size, light weight, flexible movement and convenient operation, and is suitable for various construction sites.

7. Scope of application: suitable for large and small construction sites, coal yards, grain, artillery factories, casting, flower nurseries, medicinal materials, construction mortars, etc.

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