Industrial hose pump price

March 05, 2021

The industrial hose pump is a positive displacement pump, which has the characteristics of low speed, high efficiency, and no noise, and it has a wide range of uses. The working principle is the industrial hose pump is : a pair of rollers rotate in the pump cavity filled with lubricating oil, and the rollers and the wall of the pump housing cavity squeeze the hose together to squash the hose. With the rotation of the roller, the flattened part of the hose also gradually moves from the inlet end to the outlet end of the pump. During this process, the hose filled with liquid gradually returns to its original shape under the action of its own elasticity, and the volume becomes larger, which creates a vacuum to suck in the material, and the hose at the liquid end is gradually squeezed, and the volume becomes smaller, thereby forcibly discharging the material.

industrial hose pump price

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The main features of the industrial hose pump:

1. Low speed, no noise, and can run forward and reverse;

2. Unique structure, no seal, no leakage;

3. It can be self-primed and has strong self-priming ability;

4. Simple structure and convenient maintenance;

5. It can transport corrosive slurry and sludge containing a lot of particles, fibers or other impurities;

6. The medium flow rate is low and there is no shearing force, which is especially suitable for conveying materials sensitive to shearing force;

7. It can transport high-viscosity media, and can also transport gas, liquid, and solid three-phase mixed media, with sweeping capacity;

8. By adjusting the speed of the pump, the flow can be adjusted, while the outlet pressure of the pump is basically unchanged;

9. When the speed is constant, adjusting the outlet valve can change the outlet pressure of the pump, while the flow rate is basically unchanged. Therefore, the pump has a certain metering function and can be used as a metering pump;

industrial hose pump price

The unique structural characteristics of the industrial hose pump make it suitable for corrosive media with high solid content and high viscosity, and it has superior self-priming performance.

The industrial hose pump specific applications are as follows:

1. Drilling mud and crude oil transportation in the petroleum industry;

2. Acid, alkali, salt, phosphoric acid slurry, titanium dioxide slurry and calcium citrate in the chemical industry;

3. Pulp transportation and rare metal liquid transportation in the smelting industry;

4. Transportation of mud, lime slurry and impurities in water treatment;

5. Transport of cement mortar in the construction industry;

6. Material transportation in the food industry;

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