Diesel powered concrete pump for sale

March 04, 2021

Advantages of diesel powered concrete pump for sale

1. Work safety;

2. strong adaptability to the construction industry, wide operation planning, the concrete transport pipeline can be placed in other hard to reach places, and can make the concrete filled and cast in place under a certain pressure, the pump can also be arranged to use Increase output distance to meet construction needs;

3. Mutual annoyance with other construction machinery is small, long-term good and continuous maintenance of diesel powered concrete pump for sale is also possible;

4. High degree of mechanization, less hydraulic pressure, simple construction organization, high compressive strength, the compressive strength of concrete is generally 20 ~ 40Mpa, and some can be as high as 80 ~ 120 Mpa, suitable for planning materials;

  diesel powered concrete pump for sale


5. The diesel powered concrete pump for sale and casting operation are carried out continuously. The construction efficiency is high, the operation progress is fast, the cooperativity with the steel bar is good, the thermal expansion coefficient of the concrete is adjacent to the steel bar, the stress characteristics can be complementary, and the consumption of the steel bar is old Strong, can be made into reinforced concrete, expand the use plan;

6. The diesel powered concrete pump for sale process requires severe concrete quality. It can also be said that pumping is a test of the quality of concrete, and because the pumping is performed continuously, the concrete is not easy to segregate during pumping, and the concrete slump is not large, so Guarantee project quality.

WCP8/80-30D diesel powered concrete pump is a multi-purpose heavy-duty Swing-Valve concrete pump with air cooling diesel engine, hopper mixer, hopper vibrator, automatic lubrication and LS variable output. Concrete convey, Swing valve and hopper mixer are respectively driven by three hydraulic pump, among them, the concrete convey hydraulic pump is LS piston high pressure pump.

 diesel powered concrete pump for sale

WCP8/80-30D diesel powered concrete pump application:

1. Concrete wall grouting;

2. Concrete sidewalk;

3. Concrete shotcrete;

4. Tunneling construction;

5. Masonry block filling;

6. Excavation-protection;

7. Concrete wall construction;

8. Refractory castable&shotcrete;

9. Swimming pool (sprayed concrete shells);

10. Mining support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings).

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