Hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds spraying

January 05, 2021

The hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds spraying uses water as a medium and is powered by a diesel engine. The hydroseeder equipment for grass seeds spraying can mix grass seeds, flowers and forest seeds with fertilizers, polymer binders, water agents and other materials. The hydroseeding equipment can be used to spray and mix a large amount of wood chips, paper fiber, cotton fiber, orange stem, yellow loam, red loam, sandy loam, clay, fossil soil, etc. high-concentration slurry material.

The hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds spraying is a professional greening equipment, it can be used for the planted soil, green grass seeds, water mixture, binder, fertilizer, etc., in the mixing container and water into a mixture of slurry, and then the hydroseeding equipment can be evenly sprayed on the slope to be planted. The mixed mud contains water-retaining materials, adhesives and various nutrients to ensure the supply of nutrients needed for plant growth, effectively prevent damage caused by rain spray, and achieve healthy and rapid plant growth.

hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds

The hydroseeder equipment for grass seeds spraying is mainly used in the following places:

Forestation of highway (railway) slopes, forestation of damaged mountains, uncovered landfills, forestation of mines, desert treatment, protection, maintenance and watering of embankments, reconstruction of large green Spaces and other forestation projects.

The feature of the hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds spraying are as followings:

1. The hydroseeding equipment does not need matching generators and air compressors, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Comes with direct universal spraying system and guide tube spraying system.

3. Water-soil ratio can reach 1:1, patented technology, beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy to maintain.

4. The hydroseeder equipment for grass seeds spraying is equipped with a crane hook for convenient loading and unloading.

5. The spraying vehicle is equipped with a fully functional operating panel, which can be operated by one person. It also has a non-slip work platform and a detachable protective fence to ensure the safety of the console and gun operators and other staff. It can also temporarily stack goods.

hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds

The hydroseeder equipment for grass seeds spraying adopts high quality thickened steel structure tank body, which is strong and durable.When we use the hydroseeding equipment for grass seeds spraying, we should clean the working surface, to make the effect better. When the hydroseeding work has done, we should put three-dimensional net or iron net in the construction area to avoid the loss of spraying materials or provide a good growing environment for materials, so as to achieve a better spraying effect. 

When we use the hysrodeeding equipment for grass seeds spraying, we should make sure that the relative humidity of the environment is below 70%, when the machine is idle, we should also regularly remove the dust, dirt and moisture on the machine, and we should also regularly do maintenance inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

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