Manual grouting unit for sale

January 04, 2021

The manual grouting unit for sale has a wide range of uses and can be used to inject various low-viscosity fluid slurries, such as pure cement slurries and chemical slurries. The manual grouting unit can mainly solve grouting in special places, such as explosion-proof places, tunnels, mines and highways where power is inconvenient. The performance of manual grouting pump for sale is stable and reliable. The design and structure of the grouting pump are simple, easy to use, and easy to clean and maintain.

 manual grouting unit for sale

The manual grouting pump for sale has the following characteristics:

1. No need for electricity, small size, light weight, easy to move

2. Simple structure, durable, simple maintenance

3. Manual operation, high pressure, grouting speed and flow can be controlled arbitrarily.

manual grouting unit for sale

We should pay attention to the following matters when using the manual grouting unit for sale:

1. Before using the manual grout pump for sale, add an appropriate amount of grease to the living hinge of the rocker, and shake the handle at a constant speed to use the handle flexibly and prevent corrosion.

2. If the fasteners are found loose during use, please tighten them correctly in time.

3. To prevent damage to the parts, use force when shaking the handle.

4. The joint between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe is firmly connected to the pump body after being fixed with a wire clamp. If the suction performance is not good, take the following measures.

(1) Check the tightness of the feed end joint.

 (2) Check whether the feed pipe is damaged or leaking.

 (3) Check whether there is any material in the barrel.

 (4) Ensure that the outlet is not loose and not blocked by debris.

If a discharge defect is found, please take the following measures.

(1) Check whether the discharge pipe is blocked.

(2) Check whether the discharge valve is open.

5. When grouting, the grout should be placed so as not to block the drain pipe. Otherwise, it will directly affect the work of the grouting pump.

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