Hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale

April 29, 2021

The first hydroseeder machine for sale was built for the Interstate Highway Commission in Connecticut in the 1950s. In many areas, highways must traverse hills rather than bypass hills, and workers have found that "blowing" seeds around sidewalks is more effective than planting grass seeds. Until now, hydraulic seeding is still an effective and cost-saving method for planting grass on roads and other properties (including residential properties). Hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale is more efficient than turf seeding, seeding, or any other method of forming turf, and ground sprayers are also widely used.

 Hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale

The hydroseeder machine with wheels is a machine that connects nozzles, pumps and hoses to a water storage tank. You can mix water, seeds, mulch and nutrients (such as lime and fertilizer) in a water tank and spray it on a large area of the garden under low pressure. If you use the machine more times, the planter can save you more time and money. In addition, the water spray of the hydraulic planter can quickly spread seeds and other elements, and immediately replenish water. The hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale provides a protective layer on the seeds, allowing lawns and garden beds to grow faster than traditional sowing.

Features of hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale:

1. Special high-pressure mud pump, wide blade path, not easy to jam the pump; the mud pump has a large flow rate and high working efficiency (for example, 6 cubic meters can be sprayed in 15 minutes);

2. This equipment can add appropriate amount of grass fiber and a large amount of rice husk, sawdust and mud adhesion, which has a significant effect on spraying high and steep slopes;

3. The factory can customize different tank capacities, dimensions and horsepower according to customer needs;

4. There are two types of guest soil spraying machines, mechanical and hydraulic, which can be determined according to the customer's operating habits;

5. The company has relatively strong after-sales service technicians, and strives to provide customers with high-quality services

 Hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale

Usually, the advantage of choosing hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale is that very convenient to use, because it has almost no fragile parts, and few moving parts and control devices. Just pour water into the water tank, then start the engine, and the rest is done by the pump. Therefore, owning and operating a jet mixing hydraulic seeder is an alternative to its mechanical mixing equipment.

The most important thing is that when we buy, it is best to determine whether the hydroseeder machine with wheels for sale the type of hydraulic seeding work you want to perform. The low cost of ownership is more important for buyers (especially those who have just entered the hydraulic seed industry), because paper fiber coverings are the most important use in many fields (such as houses and small businesses).

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