Gunite machine for swimming pool

April 28, 2021

Gunite machine for swimming pool is a machine that uses compressed air to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline and spray it onto the construction surface.  Dry gunite machines are used for pneumatic conveying of the dry mix, mixed with pressure water at the nozzle and sprayed out; wetgunite machines are delivered by pneumatic or concrete pumps and the concrete mixture is sprayed out through the nozzles .The gunite machine swimming pool overcomes the problems of adhesion and blockage in the material conveying process, and makes the material flow even. Efficient, time-saving equipment is robust, durable, easy to maintain and resistant to damage.

 Gunite machine for swimming pool

The gunite shotcrete machine for swimming pool also be widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, coal swamps and tunnels. Spraying concrete construction work: spraying or repairing various types of industrial furnaces and refractory linings: soil transportation and spraying during various slope protection and greening construction.

 Gunite machine for swimming pool

Common obstacles of gunite machine for swimming pool:

1. The gunite machine for swimming pool running wind

Operation: Tighten the four clamps evenly. Where the wind flow is close to the clamps, it is necessary to increase the force of a clamp or replace the rubber friction plate.

2. The feeding pipe on the gunite shotcrete machine for swimming pool is blocked, the rotor is blocked, and the sandblasting pipe is blocked

Operation: a. When the feeding pipe is blocked, you need to stop the machine, close the air valve, remove the feeding pipe from the elbow, open the air valve, and blow off the rotor material.

b. Stop the rotation of the machine and close the air valve. If the discharge elbow is blocked, the pipe should be disassembled and the material cavity of the elbow and rotor should be cleaned to reduce the water-cement ratio of the mixture.

C. Stop the motor and air supply pipe. If the rotor is blocked, the intake pipe and the upper air supply pipe need to be removed, and the material cavity of the rotor needs to be scrubbed.

d. Use a large-capacity compressor to replace a large-capacity air duct.

 Gunite machine for swimming pool

The gunite shotcrete machine for swimming pool needs to be maintained after the work is completed:

1. Stop the machine and blow away the remaining material in the conveying pipe.

2. If the pipe is clean and there is no substance spraying from the nozzle, please close the water valve on the nozzle.

3. Close the main air pipe valve.

4. If the spraying operation is temporarily interrupted, the mixture can be stored in the hopper.

5. At the end of a long pause or concrete spraying operation, first stop the supply and keep the machine running until there are no hopper and rotor residues. At the same time, add a small amount of wet sand to remove residue. Clean the material in the hopper and rotor cavity.

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