Hydroseeder for sale Canada

March 16, 2021

Compared to regular planters, the hydroseeder for sale Canada introduces advanced production technology that can cover a wider area during use and can also be used in the wilderness. The effect is important in greening.

The hydroseeder for sale Canada is a device that mixes seeds, mulch and water and blows them away, called a hydraulic seeder. It can also be used on large areas and residential lawns, significantly reducing maintenance costs in areas where wildflowers are planted. For example, a new green hill along the road, a vast lawn on a golf course. It is also widely used in important environmental projects to prevent soil erosion.

 hydroseeder for sale Canada

When used to plant grass on steep slopes, hydroseeder for sale help prevent soil erosion. Mix fiber covers, fertilizers, water, seeds and other ingredients before applying directly to steep slopes using a spray hose. After properly spraying the area, the moist fiber cover binds to the soil and provides the seed with a water-retaining layer that protects the seed from sunlight, erosion, and wind. As the seeds begin to germinate, the fiber cover gradually breaks, supplying nutrients to the soil.

The hydroseeder for sale Canada employs an easy-to-operate single diesel drive, ectronically controlled. The hydroseeder for sale Canada is especially suitable for outdoor conditions, such as various bedrock slopes, hard soils, poor soils, acidic soils, arid areas, clay and coastal dams.

 hydroseeder for sale Canada

Hydroseeder for sale Canada is also suitable for greening and spraying in areas where vegetation is difficult to grow, such as rocks, hard soils, sandy soils, barren lands, acidic soils, arid areas and coastal dams. Today, paved roads are widely used in projects such as highway slope greening, high-speed rail slope greening, mine greening and ecosystem restoration, and desert management.

Advantages of hydroseeder for sale Canada: If the planted area is large, hydraulic sowing can be completed in a short time. Very effective on hillsides and sloping lawns, it helps control erosion and rapid planting. Generally, the cost of hydraulic sowing is lower than the cost of turf sowing. The germination rate is high, the grass grows in about 1 week, and cutting begins in about 3 to 4 weeks from the day of application. The fiber coating accelerates the germination process by maintaining moisture around the seeds, thereby increasing the germination rate.

The hydroseeder for sale Canada can spray regular clay soils, organic nutrient soils, improved oils, multiple fertilizers and water retention agents. You can also customize it to suit your drawing. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us. Email:sales@wodetec.com

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