Hydro mulcher for sale Australia

August 13, 2021

Hydro mulcher for sale Australia is a new type of greening machine. The seeds of grasses are mixed with water in a mixing container mainly containing water retention agent, adhesive and fertilizer to form a gel-like mixed slurry, which is sprayed evenly on the ground and sown. The mixed slurry contains the water retention agents and various nutrients needed to ensure plant growth, allowing the plant to grow healthy and fast. Belgian hydraulic planters are particularly well suited for large-scale greening operations in dry areas without irrigation facilities.

 Hydro mulcher for sale Australia

The hydro mulcher for sale Australia mainly sell on-board riding soil sprayers, wheeled riding soil sprayers, and wheeled sprinklers. It is more convenient to move. We can provide 6000 liters and 8000 liters of passenger soil sprayers. Requests to provide customized service.

 Hydro mulcher for sale Australia

The main features of hydro mulcher for sale Australia are:

1. Use a single diesel engine for operation, reduced fuel consumption, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and reduced usage and working costs.

2. The core pump of the guest soil planter is mainly a dedicated pressurized multi-stage pump that can spray viscous substances directly from the nozzle at high speed, reducing the difficulty of construction, improving efficiency and greatly improving safety. increase.

3. Belgian hydraulic planters mainly use mechanical agitation and chain transmission, which are easy to use, have high transmission efficiency, are convenient to maintain and easy to operate. The mechanical mixing of the spiral blade and the reflux purification mixing are combined to perform a three-dimensional mixing and effectively improve the uniformity of the mixing.

4. Special spiral mixing and transfer material structure at the pump inlet allows to transfer viscous material and increase the thickness of the spray layer.

5. The entire frame of the Belgian hydraulic planter is welded with steel plate. The main part of the bottom of the fuel tank is reinforced with a steel plate with a thickness of 20 mm, ensuring the strength and durability of the entire machine and achieving stable transportation.

 Hydro mulcher for sale Australia

When a hydro mulcher for sale Australia is in operation, there are situations where the range is not sufficient due to lack of power. If the engine throttle valve is in the maximum position and the injection angle is correct, it may be due to the pipeline being not smooth. At this time, the pipeline can be dredged and prevention can be performed by the following methods.

1. Be careful not to let foreign matter enter the fuel tank when loading it into the vehicle so as not to block the pipeline. In the case of a mud blower, if it is used for 1 to 2 years or more, the injection distance may be insufficient due to wear of the mud pump impeller.

2. Carefully clean the drain pipe after daily use.

3. If there are many foam mixing shafts in the mixing tank, the rotation speed of the soil sprayer can be reduced.

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