Hose squeeze pump for pumping water plus sediment

August 12, 2021

Hose squeeze pump for pumping water plus sediment are especially used in large quantities and play an important role in sewage treatment, allowing the transport of moist sludge and flocculants. Selection of hose squeeze pump for pumping water  must be economical, rational, stable and reliable, and it is important to meet usage requirements.

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Hose squeeze pump for pumping water plus sediment  is sewage to transport water, moist sludge and agglomerates due to its variable transport, strong self-priming capacity, reversibility, and ability to transport liquids containing solid particles. Widely used in processing plants. Improper design and selection can interfere with management and maintenance. Therefore, smooth production progress can be achieved by choosing a peristaltic pump for pumping wastewater that is rational and feasible according to the actual production needs. Not only can it be fixed, but repair costs can also be reduced.

 Hose squeeze pump for pumping water plus sediment


The hose squeeze pump for pumping water has high suction power, high dry operation capacity, and maintenance-free, so the transportation work in the sewage treatment process is completed successfully. This non-shear pump can easily mix organic matter into sludge foam.

Most sewage treatment plants use biological oxidation techniques to purify sewage, and most of them use a multi-step purification process. In the aeration tank, sewage and activated sludge (which contains a large amount of bacteria) are mixed and aerated. In the settling tank, after sedimentation and purification, activated sludge passes through fresh water, and after the fresh water flows out, activated sludge collects at the bottom of the settling tank. Pumps that transport these activated sludges need to maintain activated sludge activity as much as possible, and it is best to transport activated sludge without shear forces. At the same time, the solid content of viscous activated sludge is between 8% and 10%, so the pump must have high extraction capacity. The peristaltic pump for pumping water and sediment must also be capable of reliable dry operation so that the gas in the activated sludge does not adversely affect the dry operation of the pump.

 Hose squeeze pump for pumping water plus sediment


Under these working conditions, a peristaltic pump for pumping water and sediment is an ideal choice. It operates at a pressure of 4 bar for dry operation and 15 bar for wet operation. The fluid is pumped by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Similar to squeezing a hose with two fingers, the movement of the fingers creates a negative pressure in the tube that causes the liquid to flow together. Due to this operating principle and excellent self-priming performance, the suction height of the hose pump reaches 8m.

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