How to properly use and maintain concrete wet spray machine

September 27, 2018


First, the concrete jet machine operation precautions

In order to ensure the quality and speed of the construction, the operator of the jet should pay attention to the following points during operation:

1. At the beginning of the operation of the concrete jet machine, the compressed air should be advanced and then the motor should be started, and then the water should be fed. At the end, the material should be stopped first. After the material is used up, the motor should be stopped first, and then the water source and the wind source should be cut off.

Second, pay attention to the change of the pressure gauge pointer at any time, the pressure value should be controlled at the appropriate extreme value.

Third, adjust the water valve at any time to maintain a suitable water-cement ratio. When the water-cement ratio is suitable, the new spray layer has a smooth surface, moist luster, good compactness, less rebound, no dry spots or slippery flow. For example, if there are dry spots on the surface of the spray layer, the rebound is large, and the dust is large, indicating that the water is small; if the surface spray layer slips and flows, the water is large, and the spray should be removed in time.

4. If there is a sudden stop of wind, water stop or power failure during construction, the mixing materials in the sprayer and the feed pipe should be cleaned up in time.

5. Appropriately control the amount of charge. During normal operation, a sufficient amount of stock should be ensured in the hopper. If the material should be continuous and uniform, it should prevent the occurrence of backwind, blockage of pipelines and uneven and discontinuous injection.

6. If the conveyor arm is blocked and processed, it must stop and stop. It is strictly forbidden to point the delivery tube to the person or face the delivery tube to handle the failure.

7. In the spraying operation, if there is a blockage or a sudden stop of the wind or a power failure, immediately close the water valve and place the nozzle down to prevent the water from flowing back into the delivery pipe.

8. Before the operation, the nozzle should be dismantled. After the end, it should be cleaned with water in time to make the water eye and water ring clean and unobstructed. The connection between the nozzle and the pipe joint is kept tight, no air leakage, no water leakage occurs.

Maintenance and maintenance of concrete jets

First, in order to ensure the normal operation of the shotcrete machine, the temperature of the motor and reducer, mechanical operation sound, etc. should be paid attention to when the machine is running.

Second, always pay attention to the wear of the spray pipe, and find that when the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time to prevent the spray pipe from rupturing and causing accidents.

Third, for every injection of 300m³, a comprehensive maintenance of the shotcrete machine is required. These include:

1. Check the use of reducer and motor

2. Replace the oil in the reducer in time, and add butter to the rotating part of the bearing.

3. Clean the inner wall of the upper and lower tanks and the upper and lower bell valves (upper and lower oscillating valves)

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