Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

March 29, 2021

WEC hose pump for pumping gold mining slime is a kind of peristaltic pump. An elastomeric tube is squeezed along a length by rollers that push the fluid contained within. The tube's restitution after squeezing produces a vacuum that draws fluid continuously into the tube. This creates a gentle pumping action that doesn’t cause any damage to the product.The hose pump for pumping gold mining slime employs a rotor with rollers mounted on it that continually compress and occlude some portion of the tube. This action moves the fluid through the tube with a constant rate of displacement for each revolution of the rotor, enabling a precise measurement of the volume of fluid pumped through the tube.

 hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

The hose pump used for mine also used for liquid and thick slurry transportation, such as: thick ore slurry, sewage, construction industry,chemical industry, animal husbandry, fertilizer, laboratory liquid, petroleum industry, ceramic industry, paper industry, cosmetics, electroplating industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity, and high particle content, thick slurry transportation .


 hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

A pair of rollers rotate and squeeze along a special rubber tube to squash the rubber tube. Under the force of the elasticity of the tube and the forced force of the side guide wheels, the tube is restored to its original shape by a high vacuum to suck fluid.

 hose pump for pumping gold mining slime

1.The hose pump used for mine has unique structure and advanced technology:

Unique non-sealed structure, no leakage and pollution.

Using advanced technology, the rolling does not require any lubrication.

Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime has strong corrosion resistance.

The fluid absorbed by the pump is only in contact with the hose, and it can transport various viscosity, density, corrosive and corrosive fluid materials.

2.The hose pump for pumping gold mining slime can transport liquid materials containing solid particles, crystals, fibrous materials and other impurities.

Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime has strong self-priming ability:

Will not cause any blockages and malfunctions; strong self-priming ability and self-cleaning ability, can suck materials positively and negatively.

The pump does not need to be primed, the head is high and the pump port pressure is large.

3.Hose pump for pumping gold mining slime has simple operation and low consumption:

Simple installation and maintenance, low maintenance cost, simple operation, low power consumption, high volumetric efficiency, and good metering ability.

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