Grouting mixer available in Nepal

March 26, 2021

WM500E grouting mixer available in Nepal is a special equipment for slurry preparation, which is better than fast pulping machine. Mainly used in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other industries to mix cement, bentonite, etc. with water and its additives and quickly form a slurry. The grouting mixer available in Nepal adopts high-speed strong vortex double-force circulation, multiple shearing and simultaneous tearing The crushed solid body fluid is highly dispersed and mixed for pulping, and has pumping capabilities. Compared with ordinary pulping machines and blade mixers, the grouting mixer available in Nepal  has the characteristics of faster pulping speed and more uniform slurry mixing. It is the key equipment of large-scale pulping stations. one.

 grouting mixer available in Nepal

Structure and working principle of the grouting mixer available in Nepal :

The grouting mixer Nepal is driven by a vertical motor, and is fixed on the support frame of the cantilever structure by the bearing seat and the main shaft through the key connection. The puller adopts high-speed axial flow blades. The blades are zigzag, with large shearing force, which can produce irregular strong vortex, and can tear and smash the solid group fluid for high dispersion mixing. The high-speed rotating fluid is again strongly sheared by the fixed blade and directed at the same time as the stirring blade. The circulation pump of the shaft forces the slurry, and the slurry in the barrel is quickly circulated uniformly by the pump. The slurry making speed is fast, and it takes less than two minutes. Not only the pulping time is fast, but the prepared slurry is uniform and sufficient, and there is no mass and fish-eye effect. It is especially suitable for preparing high-concentration slurry.

 grouting mixer available in Nepal

The grouting mixer Nepal use and maintenance:

1 Before turning on the machine, check whether the moving parts are jammed by hand, check whether the electrical appliances, circuits are damaged, whether the grounding wire is connected, and then turn on the power, check whether the machine has abnormal noises, and whether the steering is correct (in the direction shown by the arrow) .

2 When using this grouting mixer Nepal, turn it on first, add water, and then load!

3 The user adds water from the water inlet to the required height according to the required water-cement ratio.

4 Turn on the main motor and add the powder evenly in the specified amount. When all the powders are added, the delay time is about one minute.

5 The prepared slurry is pumped into the slurry storage bucket, and the slurry storage bucket agitator is operated.

6 Regularly check the wear of the drive shaft, bearing, lubricant quantity and skeleton oil seal, supplement or replace, pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

7 It is strictly forbidden to put hands, body and other sundries into the mixing bowl during use to avoid personal injury.

8. When the grouting mixer Nepal is not used for a long time or stops working, the equipment should be cleaned in time to fully discharge the remaining cement slurry to avoid hardening and agglomeration that will affect the efficiency of the equipment or cause the equipment to jam and necrosis and affect production.

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