Hydromulch equipment for sale

March 25, 2021

The hydromulch equipment for sale is developed and produced by our company based on the actual situation of the slope greening construction site and using more than ten years of experience. The hydromulch equipment can be used on various rocks, hard soils, sandy soils, barren soils, acid soils, arid areas, coastal dams and other areas with difficult vegetation, long-distance and long-distance grasslands, etc., and can also be used Greening projects such as road slope greening, mine greening and ecosystem restoration. The use of the hydromulch has played an irreplaceable role in preventing soil erosion, landslides and other soil and water conservation.

 Hydromulch equipment for sale

The characteristics of the hydromulch equipment for sale:

1) The hydromulch equipment for sale is driven by a single diesel engine, and the wheels can also be rotated according to the needs, so it is convenient and easy to operate, especially suitable for field work.

2) The hydromulch equipment for sale adopts hydraulically driven blade mixing, combined with the reflux scouring mixing method to form a three-dimensional mixing, which quickly and evenly mixes the soil-improving organic mixed materials such as clay, seeds, fertilizer and auxiliary materials in the tank.

Hydromulch equipment for sale

3) The hydromulch equipment for sale can smoothly spray the mixture of soil and grass seeds with solid particles less than 2 cm, and will not be blocked or interrupted. The hydromulch equipment for sale has strong adaptability to soil quality, high output pressure, high nozzle, and can transport viscous materials. It can increase the thickness of the sprayed layer at one time, or increase the sprayed grass seeds when tilted at a large angle. The density of the material, and can reduce the material fall.

4) The hydromulch equipment for sale is equipped with a free-rotating universal sprinkler, and is equipped with a fan-shaped sprinkler and a pilot valve, which can be replaced according to different working surfaces.

 Hydromulch equipment for sale

The hydromulch equipment for sale is usually equipped with spray guns. When there is a problem with the spray gun, we can repair it from the following situations:

1. If huoqing occurs, it is necessary to check the leaking part of the rotating sleeve immediately after the inspection and extinguish the fire immediately to ensure safety during construction.

2. If the contact area between the rotating sleeve and the barrel leaks, make sure that the connection is not loose. If it is loose, add sealing material and tighten the connection.

3. If the O-ring on the rotating sleeve leaks, please check whether the seal ring has deteriorated over time, and then replace the rotating sleeve.

4. If the surface of the rotating sleeve is cracked or broken, please replace it with a new one.

5. Check whether the grease nipple is leaking, and replace and tighten the grease nipple in time. 

 We can suppy the different mixing tank hydromulch equipment for you, such as the 3000L,6000L,8000L,150000L and also provide the customized service. If you are interested in the hydromulch price, please contact us! 

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