High pressure hose type concrete pump for sale

January 07, 2021

High pressure hose type concrete pump for sale absorbs the world's advanced technology and developed a new, multi-functional, multi-purpose industrial pump. High pressure hose type concrete pump for sale is mainly composed of pump body, rotating frame, extrusion wheel, recovery wheel, reinforced hose and drive system. The reinforced hose is arranged in a U shape in the pump body. When the slewing frame drives the squeeze wheel to rotate, the hose is elastically deformed by the backlog of the squeeze wheel, and a negative pressure is formed at the suction port to suck the slurry, and the slurry is pushed through the squeeze wheel The material is discharged from the discharge port to form the pressure conveying of the slurry. It can be used in construction, mining, food, paper, ceramics and other suitable fields for long-distance transportation of viscous slurry, metering pumping, pressure injection (grouting), material transportation and spraying, etc. It completely gets rid of the traditional pump impeller and shaft The sealed operation mode has great advantages for the transportation of media with high viscosity, high corrosivity and large fluid impurities. It is a completely different principle from the traditional transportation pump and has a wide range of applications.

High pressure hose type concrete pump for sale

Working principle: A pair of pressure spokes rotate along a special rubber tube to squash the rubber tube. Under the force of its own elasticity and side guide, the tube returns to its original shape. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the tube to suck the material into the tube cavity; Then, the material is discharged from the tube under the subsequent compression. Such a cycle continues, the material is continuously sucked and discharged.

 High pressure hose type concrete pump for sale

The advantages of high pressure hose type concrete pump for sale:

Convenient installation, simple operation, continuous long-term operation;

Various fibers and slurries delivered in the pump are perfect choice for shear sensitivity, abrasiveness or gas-liquid-solid mixture, and the diameter of the material is greater than 4-6mm;

It can easily corrode fluids in the pump, such as highly viscous, high-density fluids, and pasty fluids;

The high pressure hose type concrete pump for sale does not need to replace seals, gaskets, impeller rotor, stator or various traditional pump internal parts;

The movement of the pump is divided into clockwise rotation without backflow and siphon phenomenon, and has a shut-off valve function; reverse, fluid can be sent out and sucked back;

The pumped fluid is directly proportional to the speed, which can be accurately measured. 

The high pressure hose type concrete pump for sale is mainly used for the :

1.Chemical industry, various anti-corrosion slurry and inorganic salt materials;

2.Petroleum, drilling, water treatment, mud, lime slurry;

3.Filling materials for mining and metallurgy, slurry transportation;

4.Food industry, oil materials and beverages, paste materials transportation;

5.Paper industry, pulp and sulfur transportation;

Since Wodetec is the leading brand of grouting machine in China, there are about dozens of hose pumps to choose from. At the same time, we can also customize the appropriate hose pump for you, because Wodeec has its own technical team and research and development capabilities, which can be based on the design of the most suitable hose pump for your project.

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