High flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland

August 05, 2021

High flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland is known as hose pump and squeeze pump, because of it owning much more advantages than other pumps, such as high self-priming, no seals and valves, dry-running without damage, only tube to replace etc, peristaltic pump application is very wide, for axample, construction, pharmacy, textile mill, dye making, water treatment, papermaking, mining, ceramic, brewery, beverage and TBM project.

High flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland

 The high flow rate peristaltic pump can be used for pumping bentonite and mud fluid. Because the tube is only spare part, easy to maintain, and saving cost, the peristaltic pump get better feedback from customers.

The high flow rate peristaltic pump used to pump fluid containing abrasive particles is called a peristaltic hose pump. The peristaltic pump cavity of the hose is filled with oil to reduce roller wear to the hose and heat exchange and cooling. Low pressure hose pumps use rollers and high pressure hose pumps use rollers.


When choosing a high flow rate peristaltic pump, it should be noted that the chemical structure of the pump's pipe or hose matches the type of fluid pumped. In addition, hoses and pipes need to be not only elastic, but also wear resistant.

 High flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland

High flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland has a relatively simple mechanism and is very easy to install. These pumps consist of several small parts, the main and most central part of which is the equipment motor or electric motor. These devices use rotors. Depending on the model of the device, the rotor may use multiple rollers or rollers, multiple sliding shoes, or a single impeller. Inside the rotor, special hoses or tubes are used to transport the fluid. The movement of the rollers and tubes creates a positive pressure in the fluid, which provides the fluid supply.

Most parts of the high flow rate peristaltic pump Ireland body are made of stainless steel or stainless steel, which reduces friction on each part on the one hand and prolongs the service life of the pump on the other. Alloy cast iron is typically used for industrial samples of pump bodies.

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