Gunite machine supplier in Dubai

June 19, 2021

Gunite machine supplier in Dubai is used for spraying concrete, the theoretical output of gunite machine in Dubai can reach 1-9m3 / h, maintenance and repair of concrete structures, sealing, Positioning, cement spraying, blast furnace lining repair, boiler and coke oven series.The gunite machine in Dubai is widely used in tunnels, culverts, subways, slope reinforcements, hydroelectric power plants, underground works, high methane laneways in coal mines, etc.

Gunite machine supplier in Dubai

Gunite machine supplier in Dubai mainly consists of a hopper, a mixer, a discharge elbow, a gas system, a rotor, a reducer, and so on. The motor drives the rotor and rotates it through the reducer. When the mixture is loaded into the rotor and delivered from the discharge elbow by the air pipeline of the air system, the assistant of the auxiliary air inlet pipeline of the air system passes the mixture through the supply pipes and nozzles. , Spray on the spray surface.

 Gunite machine supplier in Dubai

The operating principle of a gunite machine in Dubai:

After the concrete mixing station (machine), the mixed material mixed according to the specific water-cement ratio and aggregate ratio is added to the hopper, passes through the screen into the material cavity of the rotor, rotates with the rotor and drains. Will be ported, and blown by the wind. The incoming compressed air blows the material into the cyclone and then introduces another stream of compressed air from the cyclone to disperse, accelerate, rotate, and float the material into a multi-headed spiral. Spray on the nozzle and add a certain amount of liquid accelerator to spray.

 Gunite machine supplier in Dubai

Advantages of gunite machine in Dubai:

1. High quality and reliable performance, support for global services.

2. Reasonable design, movement, operation, long life.

3. The 4-point clamp device allows you to easily adjust the pressure between the seal plate and the roulette plate to prevent air and dust leaks and extend the life of the part.

Gunite machine supplier in Dubai

4. Non-adhesive molding machine with new material cavity completely eliminates adhesion and blocking during operation, reducing gaps and maintenance cycles.

5. With fine flow mode vortex flow, the spray flow is uniform, continuous, stable and improves the quality of jet concrete.

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