Concrete pump for ICF walls

August 23, 2021

WMP7 / 35D concrete pump for ICF walls is a multipurpose industrial pump designed by us. Used for concrete pumps, mortar spraying, shotcrete work. With an output of about 7.5 cubic meters per hour, it can pump fine aggregate concrete less than 20 mm with lower investment and operating costs, making it the first equipment ideal for engineering construction. S pipe is used as a distribution valve for large aggregate concrete pump trucks. A hydraulically driven mixer can play a good role in secondary mixing, which facilitates pumping. The glass plate and cutting ring are made from hard alloy inlays that are wear resistant and have a long life. The hydraulic system employs reliable and independent electro-hydraulic control. Electrical system control is fully functional and return pressure control eliminates pipe blocking failures. Its elegant appearance and light weight make it easy to carry. Batch mixers can be used to achieve a continuous pump structure to improve construction schedules.

Concrete pump for ICF walls

Compared to common concrete pumps, our diesel concrete pump for ICF walls has the following advantages: 

The tires are solid and can be moved freely. Independent electrical control panel; convenient for operation and service life. This concrete pump matches the Changchai L32 diesel engine, electric start, speed control handle, quality assurance and easy operation. Its output is 3-7 m3 / h, steplessly adjustable and widely applied for grout and spray work. And specially designed spray nozzle, spray flow is uniform, continuous and stable.

 Concrete pump for ICF walls

The WPS-7A concrete pump for ICF walls uses a hydraulic pump S-valve structure that alternately reciprocates two oil cylinders to pump concrete from a transport pipe to a nozzle, add compressed air to the micro-concrete pump outlet, and accelerate to the nozzle. Add a percentage of and spray the concrete slurry directly to the surface.

The output of WPS-7A concrete pump for ICF walls can be adjusted continuously. The main oil pump is a variable displacement plunger pump, and the amount of spray can be adjusted freely. Accelerated addition can be adjusted continuously: steplessly according to the amount of concrete sprayed.

 WPS-7A concrete pump for ICF walls also used for wet concrete spraying in mines, tunnels, culverts, metros, hydropower engineering, underground construction, slope protection, etc., or for filling concrete mortar and grout injection.

 Concrete pump for ICF walls

We have also developed a full series of micro-peristaltic concrete pumps with outputs from 15m3 / h to 45m3 / h and working pressures from 2.5MPa to 3MPa. Electric motors, diesel engines and hydraulic motors are customizable options. Peristaltic concrete pumps are used for foam concrete, lightweight foam concrete, mortar and refractory pumps. Peristaltic concrete pumps can also be used to spray concrete and refractories.

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