China cement grouting pump manufacturer

June 02, 2020

China cement grouting pump manufacturer

China cement grout pump is designed for the purpose of grouting slurries of cement or bentonite based grout during ground and underground projects.

 China cement grouting pump

Pressure cement grouting involves injecting a grout material into generally isolated pore or void space of which neither the configuration or volume are known, and is often referred to simply as grouting.

China cement grouting pump manufacturer

As a professional China cement grouting pump manufacturer, we have ISO and SGS certificate. Some injection pumps also have CE certificates and are imported into EU countries. CE cement grout pump suppliers are more trustworthy. Our grout filling equipment uses advanced grout technology to ensure more stability and reliability.

  cement grouting pump manufacturer

Our cement grouting pump following features and advantages:
1. Cement grouting pump is compact structure, light weight
2. Simple operation via control panel
3. Use reversible valve and valve plate, long maintenance period.
4. Work site is easy to maintain,
5. There is no special removal tool.
6. Newly developed automatic lubrication system
7. Extend the maintenance period of plunger and filler.
8. Slurry emissions can be fine-tuned by speed control dials
In short, the cement grouting pump has long life, simplified operation, easy maintenance, low operating costs and high safety.

 cement grout pump for sale

China cement grouting pumps are professionally used for grouting application. A broad range of application has been found of grouting pumps.

 cement grout pump in factory

1. Cement grouting pumps for mine applications - lane reinforcement, backfilling, waterproof grout.
2. Cement grouting pumps for construction structure - building and bridge maintenance, foundation reinforcement, slope support, soil compaction, magma grout.
3. Cement grouting pumps for civil engineering - dams, tunnels, subways, mines, earth nail walls, curtains, anchors, cable ditches and anchor pulp.
4. Cement grouting pumps for engineering - Underwater Foundation, Offshore Platform, Coastal Foundation Grout Reinforcement.

cement grout pump

Wodetec is focus on cement grouting pump develops and produce. Customized grouting pump flow and pressure are also no problem to meet different grouting projects.

China grout pump for sale

Now we have developed full series of cement grouting pump including piston type, plunger type and hose type. As for the cement grouting pump power: electric motor, diesel engine, and air power are available for customization. If want the injection cement grouting pump woke with electric motor, also please confirm the voltage at the worksite.

 sell cement grout pump


We are professional cement grouting pump manufacturer and supplier in China. You can send demands to us for more suitable type and the best price.
For more information about cement grout pump for sale, please email us: Contact us now for more information for your grouting business now!!!

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