Cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale

May 03, 2021

WODETEC is a professional cement bentonite grout pump and mixer located in Zhengzhou, China. Our high-quality concrete mixing and grouting machine is a combination of a plant composed of a mixer, agitator and a grouting pump. The grouting plant unit is mainly used for mixing cement, Bentonite slurry and grouting for ground and underground construction or TBM tunnel construction. It is a construction machine for professional application and dam consolidation grouting.

 Cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale

The purpose of consolidation grouting is to improve the integrity and elastic modulus of the bedrock; reduce the deformation of the bedrock after stress; improve the compressive and shear strength of the bedrock; reduce the permeability of the dam foundation and reduce the amount of penetration. The field test results prove that: after consolidation grouting the bedrock with more developed joint fractures, the elastic modulus of the bedrock can be increased by 30% to 100%, sometimes up to 1.5 to 2.0 times, or even more. Consolidation grouting in the plane of curtain grouting helps to increase the pressure during curtain grouting.

Consolidation grouting generally uses concrete or cement as the main material. In areas where joints and cracks are developed, when the injection volume is large, sand is often added to the cement slurry to make cement mortar for pouring. Because the main purpose of consolidation grouting is to increase the strength of the foundation rock, clay is generally not used.


WGP1200 / 3000 / 300H-E cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale produced by WODETEC is a device that combines agitator, agitator and grouting pump in one device, mainly used for mixing cement and bentonite slurry. The device has automatic batching and automatic mixing system, high turbulence mixing, PLC control system, operation mode can be automatically and manually operated, grouting mixer, mixer, hose pump in one frame, compact size, with heavy industrial soft Pipe pumps deliver concrete.


WGP1200/3000/300H-E cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale has been unanimously received by customers. Excellent performance, simple operation, and appearance are all its outstanding features. This grout station is particularly suitable for grouting applications in all cements and ultrafine cements, bentonite suspensions that is used in micro tunneling, pipe jacking and directional drilling. It is widely used in ground and underground constructions such as highways, railways, hydropower, construction, mining, etc.

 Cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale

This cement bentonite grout pump and mixer for sale is equipped the automatically batching weight system and PLC control system to automate operations. Compact size and it is easy to operate. It also takes up a small space.

The dam lean concrete consolidation grouting machine we sell is made by professional processing equipment, special precision casting mold and unique production technology. Most accessories and parts are from the world's top brand suppliers. It makes our products stable and durable, which has been accepted by domestic and foreign markets. So far, our high-quality dam lean concrete consolidation grouting machine has been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. If you are interested in our high quality dam lean concrete consolidation grouting grouting machine, please leave us a message and we will help you as soon as possible.


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