Large capacity hydroseeder pump hydro mulcher for sale

May 01, 2021

The hydroseeder pump hydro mulcher is a mechanical equipment used for slope greening. Through this equipment, the soil matrix, grass seeds, water-retaining agent, adhesive, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the mixing tank of the spray planter to form a colloidal slurry. The high-lift multi-stage booster pump sprays it on the slope to be planted, and the spraying area can reach more than 2000 square meters in a single day. It is a powerful helper for the ecological restoration of the greening of highway slopes.

 Large capacity hydroseeder pump hydro mulcher for sale

The hydroseeder pump hydro mulcher machine is used for vegetation greening of mine greening, highway (railway) side slope greening, wound mountain greening, desert treatment and river embankment protection and other greening projects. As a manufacturer of spray-seeding machines with many years of experience, WODETEC has developed a variety of models of spray-seeding machines that are widely used in various places. The equipment has the following characteristics:


1. Wide application range: After years of development, the hydraulic grass planting sprayer has been suitable for hard rock slopes, soft rock slopes, high and steep slopes, poor soils, acidic soils and other inferior slopes, as well as large areas of lawn planting Applications. It can not only build lawns in areas where plants are difficult to survive, but also achieve a good greening effect.

2. Low construction cost: The machine is easy to operate, and only 2-3 people can complete the spraying and greening operation; the maintenance is simple, and the ground can be formed without watering after spraying.

3. High efficiency: The mud pump outlet pressure of the spray seeder is 2.4Mpa, the direct spray height is 70m, and the spray seeding area per day can reach more than 2000 square meters.

4. Diversification of vegetation options: It can form a benign ecological vegetation system, organic combination of trees, shrubs, vines, flowers and grasses, so that vegetation is not easy to degenerate, is conducive to the rapid restoration of the ecosystem, and quickly restores the slope environment to nature status.

5. Ecological and environmental protection: No construction waste or construction noise is generated during construction; the appearance is beautiful, and it can be perfectly integrated with the natural ecological environment.

 Large capacity hydroseeder pump hydro mulcher for sale

The hydraulic grass planting sprayer plays an important role in the slope greening and has the significance of the times. WODETEC keeps up with the development of the times, and has developed a variety of models of spray-seeding machines to meet the needs of different customers. With good performance and high quality, they have made contributions to the greening of slopes and gradually realized the meaning of the times.

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