Castable refractory pan mixer for site use

July 03, 2021

Compared to traditional mixers, castable refractory pan mixer for site use has undergone a wear resistance upgrade. The process of hardening related parts and enhanced wear resistance not only guarantees user cost savings, but also extends the durability and service life of the equipment. The rotation speed and variable speed processing methods make the best use of the equipment's capabilities. The castable refractory pan mixer for site use is easy to move, the mixing speed is fast, the uniformity is high, the structural design is compact, the supply height is comfortable, and the large fireproof mixer has high mixing efficiency and low maintenance cost.

 Castable refractory pan mixer for site use

The castable refractory pan mixer for site use has the following features:

1. Suitable for on-site construction at construction sites, replenishment of fireproof castables, etc.

2. Fast mixing speed, high homogeneity, common mixed materials such as mortar, concrete, refractory materials.

3. The design of the large fireproof pan mixer is simple and generous, the structure is compact, the inside is easy to clean and it is convenient to move.

4. The bag break device makes the feeding height comfortable and easy to use.

5. The inner liner is attached to prevent the mixed material from wearing the cylinder, and the liner has low maintenance cost, long life and can be replaced for continuous use.

 Castable refractory pan mixer for site use

When choosing the castable refractory pan mixer for site use, you need to clarify your needs so that you can buy a cost-effective machine. If available, generally clarify your needs in the following ways:

1. Difference in mixer material

For a variety of equipment, such as large fireproof mixers, choosing the one that suits you is definitely a big issue. Therefore, when choosing a refractory mixer with a disc mixer, the first thing to check is the mixer material, which is narrowed down depending on the material to be mixed.

 Castable refractory pan mixer for site use

2. Speed of castable refractory pan mixer

The second is to check the mixing speed of the refractory mixer. High mixing speeds naturally increase production efficiency, and slow mixing speeds naturally affect construction speeds.

3. Differentiation of mixing machines

Large-capacity refractory pan mixers and their accessories have inaccessible corners, commonly referred to as dead corners, so reducing the proportion of dead corners in the mixer can significantly improve the production efficiency of your equipment.

In the process of stirring and mixing, the particle size composition of general refractories is easily destroyed. In the manufacture of individual refractory materials, the order of mixing and feeding also affects the uniformity of mixing. A large capacity refractory pan mixer can avoid the above phenomenon. Refractory mixers can quickly mix poorly dispersed refractory materials and a variety of refractory materials. As a manufacturer of castable refractory pan mixer , we can provide customized services such as 100KG, 250KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1000KG. If you are interested in the castable refractory pan mixer for use, please contact us! 

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