High pressure grout injection pump for sale

July 02, 2021

High pressure grout injection pump for sale that slurries specific materials and grout pumps are used to push into formations or gaps and diffuse to gel or solidify to strengthen the formation or prevent leakage. Grout technology is widely used in various pressure grouts, foundation treatments and soft foundation reinforcement grouts for high-rise mortar transport reservoirs, hydroelectric power plants, ports, piers and backfill grout anchor supports in tunnel mine subway construction. The main grout technologies used at this stage are compact grouts, bolt supports, curtain grouts and high pressure rotary jets.

 High pressure grout injection pump for sale

High pressure grout injection pump for sale are an important grout facility for construction projects. Good maintenance and maintenance habits of grout pumps are often used to effectively extend the service life of the machine, ensure the normal operation of the equipment in use, reduce the failure rate and improve the work efficiency.

The high pressure grout injection pump maintenance should be done on a regular basis and the precautionary principle should be adopted. It should be maintained undamaged. If there is a breakdown, it will be slower. After use, clean the grout pump pipeline as soon as possible to prevent residual cement slurry from solidifying and clogging. Lubricate the lubricated parts to prevent them from rusting and tighten the loose screws.  The lubricant in the box needs to be replaced. If you do not use it for a long time, you need to prevent rust and moisture. Careful maintenance and scientific maintenance will extend the life of the cement grout pump.

 High pressure grout injection pump for sale

Due to the limitations of the grout injection process, the dispersion of grout and solids is large and the reliability of uniformity and strength assurance is relatively low. There are uncertainties in quality control and inspection of the construction process, and the effects may not reach the design. Strength requirements for body reinforcement. When using grout reinforcement technology for deep digging, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of reinforcement work. Limitations on the depth of grout reinforcement do not include grout reinforcement at the bottom of the retaining wall wall or at the bottom of the column piles in the foundation pit project.

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