Best portable grout mixing plant for sale

February 25, 2021

The WGP200 / 300 / 100PI-D best portable grout mixing plant combines agitator, agitator and hydraulic plunger grouting pump in one plant. The grouting plant is mainly suitable for mixing and pumping water, cement, sand, bentonite, filler, clay powder, silicate and other additives.

 best portable grout mixing plant for sale

The best portable grout mixing plant can be produced according to your special requirements. The standard mixer volume is 200L and the mixer volume is 300L. The maximum flow of the grouting pump is 100L / min, and the maximum pressure is 100bar. Suitable for work sites requiring high pressure. Of course, if the project requires less flow and pressure, we can also tailor it for you.

 best portable grout mixing plant for sale

WGP200 / 300 / 100PI-D best portable grout mixing plant can add grinding wheel according to the grouting mixing pump. The mass range of grouting mixers and pumps can be mixed, pumping and grouting most pre-mixed cement building materials, thus suitable for a variety of applications. Such as cement, bentonite solid grouting and silica sand. The special mixing effect of cement or bentonite and water is generated in the mixer due to the high turbulence generated in the pump casing. This turbulent flow and its high shear force separate the cement or bentonite particles to form a fully hydrated suspension. In the grouting project, cement is the oldest and most used grouting material.

The portablebest portable grout mixing plant can be easily moved when needed. The grouting plant is equipped with a diesel engine and is suitable for work places where the power supply is inconvenient. Beni Deutz diesel engine. The Kenken directional valve is used in the hydraulic system of the grouting pump, which ensures that the quality of the grouting mixer pump is better than similar products on the market.

 best portable grout mixing plant for sale

Best portable grout mixing plant has the following features:

1. Grouting injection plant with Deutz diesel engine.

2. Butterfly valve of mixer and agitator.

3. It is combination of mixer, agitator and hydraulic grout pump in one base frame.

4. Linked switch between mixer and agitator.

5. Yuken reversing valve for hydraulic system of grout pump.

best portable grout mixing plant for sale

The  best portable grout mixing plant could be widely used for the grouting projects, such as dams grouting, underground constructions grouting, foundations grouting, and constructions etc. As for the dam grouting, no matter what purpose dams are built for – irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, river regulation or establish a lake etc.

The best portable grout mixing plant is a must machine for the grouting jobs. A successful grouting operation is not just a matter of drilling a number of holes and pumping them full of grout. It requires knowledge and experience to choose the suitable grouting machine and grouting material, also the suitable grouting ration about it. This could ensure a proper grouting project done. For the sealing, strengthening, and stabilization, etc, are all important.

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