Bentonite grout mixer pump

April 23, 2021

The bentonite grout mixer pump is used for post-grouting (opening grouting), high-pressure grouting, secondary grouting, and basement waterproof and leak-stopping projects. The bentonite grout mixer pump can also be used for double-liquid grouting (cement slurry, water glass), and can also be used for conveying other kinds of slurries and clear water with low viscosity or corrosiveness. Moreover, it can be used in flammable, explosive, strong radiation, dusty, large temperature changes and water-drenching places. The bentonite mixing pump is also a grouting pump mixer, which is a kind of mixing and conveying pump, which can convey various media such as cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, and water. Performance, compact structure and convenient operation.

Bentonite grout mixer pump

The bentonite grout mixer pump is a special equipment for slurry preparation, which is better than a fast pulping machine. Mainly used in hydropower, railway, transportation, construction, mining and other industries to mix cement, bentonite, etc. with water and its additives and quickly form a slurry. The grout bentonite mixer pump adopts high-speed vortex double-force circulation, multiple shearing and simultaneous tearing and crushing The solid body fluid is highly dispersed and mixed for pulping, and has pumping capacity. Compared with ordinary pulping machines and blade mixers, it has the characteristics of faster pulping speed and more uniform slurry mixing. It is one of the key equipment of large-scale pulping stations. One.

 Bentonite grout mixer pump

The water, cement and bentonite are mixed through a high speed vortex produced by a special pump. As soon as the mixing process is over, the mixing is transferred into the agitator. The slow stirring paddle prevents the grout from settling out of suspension and removes any air bubbles from the mix. Mixer and agitator is switch by using butterfly valve.

Bentonite grout mixer pump

The grout bentonite mixer pump has the following advantages:

1. Simple structure, easy assemble;

2. Extremely fast mixing, mixing time just about 1-2 minutes

3. Less spare parts, low maintenance. Lower using cost.

4. Mixer and agitator switch by using butterfly valve, simple to operate.

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