Automatic Mortar Spray Machine

January 16, 2020
Cement mortar spraying machine is specially designed for cement mortar/concrete grouting with high efficiency. With powerful diesel engine driving & one-button easy start, no power/electricity needed on the job site, which will be easy to use in the jobsite specially outdoor or new building construction.
Automatic mortar spraying machine
Automatic Mortar Spray Machines are mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying and external wall insulation mortar spraying, refractory spraying. The Automatic Mortar Spray Machine produced by our company basically has no floor ash, water saving and material saving, which can greatly reduce the cost, and is simple to operate. It does not require scaffolding, no mobile equipment, and no need for repairs. The yin and yang angles and roof panels can all be sprayed freely. Fast, efficient, and low labor intensity, a spraying machine can easily spray 150 square meters per hour. The main disadvantages of the artificial wall and the previously-produced powder wall machine are the low adhesion of the mortar and the wall and the low density of the mortar. The flow rate of the spraying equipment introduced by our company is large and the pressure is high. These defects are overcome and the density of the mortar far exceeds that of the country. The prescribed standards avoid the problems caused by problems such as quality, duration, and wages. Multi-purpose machine can be used to spray mortar, waterproof coating, refractory materials, regardless of the regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the spray surface.
mortar spraying machine
Automatic Mortar Spray Machine Features:
1. With piston pump structure, sturdy and durable, low wear-out rate.
2. Fast loading pump valve, easy maintenance, convenient clean-up.
3. Build-in air compressor and shaker screen, powerful and stable.
4. Using well-known electronic components,  remote control for spray gun, special made soft hose, easy operation.
Our automatic spraying machine will make you more productive throughout your workday while preserving your quality standards. Pumping allows contractors to grow their business, achieving higher profits while saving extra time to complete more jobs. Additionally, these reliable, portable pumps are easy to move around a job site. 

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