Application of grouting technology and analysis of common grouting technology methods

January 30, 2021

The working principle of grouting technology is to inject the grout with a certain gel time into the water-bearing rock layer or the cracked loose soil layer, so that the solidified particles of the grout can fill the cracks of the rock layer, and finally make the water A construction technique in which both physical and mechanical properties are improved. This method is also called grouting reinforcement.

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1. Application of grouting technology:

The grouting method is mainly suitable for buildings that are affected by the surrounding construction environment and cannot be constructed by conventional methods, and the operation is simple and fast. For example, the carved flower beams and color drawing of cultural relics, repair and reinforcement of cracks on the glazed tile surface, etc. The waterproof effect of grouting is very superior. The grouting is to inject the grout with a certain gel time into the inner seam of the concrete to make the filling compact, so it is superior to the waterproof effect of "clothing" in terms of waterproofness. For concrete with honeycomb, aging and alteration, the grouting method is the most ideal method, which can make the concrete with reduced strength be consolidated and modified, increase the strength, and extend the service life.

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Two, common grouting technology:

1. Static pressure grouting method

The static pressure grouting method is generally used in the construction of soft soil foundation houses, using the principle of splitting, so it is also called split grouting. Inject the cement slurry or cement mortar with a larger specific gravity under pressure. Under the action of pressure transmission, the cement slurry or cement mortar will split along the minimum principal stress surface or weak stress distribution area in the foundation stress field. Cracking, extension, and then gradually forming irregular administrative condensate, used to squeeze and compact the surrounding soil, in order to reduce the emptiness of the soil and increase the compression modulus. 1 In the soil, the slurry condensate acts as a framework, which greatly improves the bearing capacity of the foundation and greatly reduces the probability of settlement deformation.

2. High pressure jet grouting method

This grouting method appeared in the late 1960s and has now been widely used in my country's construction industry, especially in the reinforcement of soft foundations of expressways, mine lanes and water conservancy projects such as leakage prevention. With the rapid development of high-rise buildings and subways in recent years, high-pressure jet grouting technology has been selected by more and more cities to prevent leakage of deep foundation pits.

3. Compound grouting method

The compound grouting method is generally used to reinforce the pile foundation. It combines the high-pressure rotary jet grouting method and the static pressure grouting method to fully utilize the advantages of the two. In actual construction projects, the high-pressure jet grouting method is usually used to spray the grout into the pile body, and then the static pressure grouting method is used to increase the effect of the jet grouting, so that the reinforced grout can gradually spread, effectively Avoid the same knot shrinkage of the grout, and finally achieve the goal of eliminating the blind area of ​​grouting. The compound grouting method is not only suitable for clay, sand pebble layer, analysis sand layer and silt, but also suitable for karst soil cave.

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