500kg portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale

August 06, 2021

Compared to common concrete mixers, 500kg portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale has some excellent features regarding castable refractory mixer machines. Both mixing speed and uniformity are very high. You can continue to use the installed internal lining board and replaceable liner to prevent wear of the drum composite, resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer life. Mixing, electricity and water are combined throughout the organic matter to thoroughly implement a small automatic mixer. The bag cutting device is optional and the feed height is comfortable and easy to use. The design is simple and compact, and it is easy to clean, and the inside is simple, convenient and easy to move. Three water supply pipes can supply water from different directions. Make sure the material and water are evenly mixed.

500kg portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale

Among other things, portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale are very applicable to field construction, castables, refractory materials, etc. In particular, the WRM800 castable refractory mixer will add a ladder, operating platform and high pressure water washer. On the other hand, the mixing capacity of the WRM800 fireproof castable mixer machine is up to 800kg, and considering the need for a larger power motor, a soft start device for the WRM800 and WRM500 pan mixers to protect the electric motor at start-up.

500kg portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale

Currently, we have designed four different models of refractory pan  mixer machines, WRM100, WRM250, WRM500, WRM800 refractory castable mixer machines. The mixed capacities are 100L, 250L, 500L and 800L. The WRM100 and WRM250 refractory castable mixer machines are equipped with walking wheels that allow two operators to easily move around the workplace. For GRM500 and GRM800, it weighs more than the WRM100 and WRM250 refractory pan mixers. Forklift holes have been added instead of walking wheels to ensure stable use of the mixer. To protect the GRM500 and GRM800 motors, our refractory mixers are also equipped with a soft start device that allows the motors to start smoothly.

 500kg portable castable refractory pan mixer for sale

Operation procedure of castable refractory pan mixer for sale:

1. Preparation before the start: There are no debris on the mixing drum, the bolts on each part are loose or missing, the reducer oil is sufficient, the scraper is loose, the angle is correct, and the power. Make sure. Supply and wire leaks etc.

2. Power on: Clear all materials on the disc, make sure the disc is empty, then turn on the power. Start the machine, listen for any noise, and add materials according to the rules.

3. Shutdown: When the pot ingredients are finished, stop the machine and clean the rest of the pot ingredients. The castable refractory mixer machine is equipped with remote control commands or manual operation, which makes it safe to use, convenient and easy to operate. ..

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