200kg refractory mixer machine price

September 29, 2020

During the mixing process of refractory materials, due to the refractory mixer machine, the particle composition of the material will be damaged. Moreover, the order of addition of refractory materials will also affect the effect of mixing, and uneven mixing may occur. 200kg refractory mixer machine can avoid this condition. And the 200kg refractory mixer machine's unique blade agitator can quickly and evenly mix the refractory materials.


200kg refractory mixer machine

Wodetec is a professional manufacturer of refractory spraying machines and related equipment. Our products include dry refractory gunning machines, wet refractory gunning machines and refractory mixers. The hot selling of refractory mixers is the200kg refractory mixer machine. The 200kg refractory mixer machine price is relatively low, but the quality is also good.

The 200kg refractory mixer machine is made of high wear resistance and has good wear resistance. The uniquely designed blades can achieve high-speed and uniform mixing. The refractory mixer is equipped with a soft protection device motor, which can effectively buffer the damage to the machine starting. The 200kg refractory mixer machine also provides an intermittent and continuous mixing tank, and the materials transported therein are processed with the most advanced technology. The new material wall bottom in the mixing box can effectively prevent accumulation on the wall and bottom of the mixing box.


200kg refractory mixer machine price

If you want the 200kg refractory mixer machine to provide the best performance and ensure that the capacity of the mixer is fully utilized, the mixer should be operated strictly in accordance with the correct steps during use. Pay attention to the following matters when using the 200kg refractory mixer machine:

1. The mixing material must be strictly controlled. Aggregate exceeding the maximum size must be prevented from entering the pot. If the size is too large, not only the mixing will be uneven, but also the mixing box will be damaged.
2. Stirring blades: their special shape and material can extend the wear life, so they should not be modified in any way. Also check every day to ensure that the blades are bolted to ensure that the disc edges and base wear plates are not damaged: before excessive wear causes deformation, they must be replaced: under any circumstances should not exceed the maximum batch that should be carried load
3. The use of the200kg refractory mixer machine: it is prohibited to stop and restart the mixer when there is a mixture in the pot. After the stirring process is over, the stirring material in the pot must be completely discharged. After each mixing, the mixing plate, mixing blades, discharge tank, discharge gate and valve seat must be washed down to prevent refractory materials from condensing on them, thereby affecting the efficiency of the200kg refractory mixer machine.

refractory mixer machine price


In the use of refractory mixers, it is more important to note that operators must undergo pre-job training and master certain operating techniques, so that the best performance of the mixer can be exerted on the premise of ensuring personnel safety. We also have the refractory mixer machine has the mixing capacity of 100KG, 250KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1250KG, . If you are interested in the machine ,please leave your contact information, we can send the refractory mixer machine price for you!

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