Dry spraying refractory gunite machine applied in steel plant

September 23, 2020
Dry spraying refractory gunite machine applied in steel plant
Dry spraying refractory gunite machine uses compressed air to spray out a certain proportion of refractory materials at high speed to form a refractory layer on the surface of the sprayed masonry. Because of its rapid spray construction speed, high efficiency, and good engineering quality, it is widely used, mainly suitable for: thermal gunning of the refractory layer of industrial furnaces. It is mainly suitable for concrete spraying and supporting construction such as tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, mine roadways, and highway slope protection. 
Wodetec is a refractory dry shotcrete machine manufacturer which supplies many refractory gunning machines to steel industry, construction industry, etc. Our refractory shotcrete machine has been exported to many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Bolivia, India, and Vietnam, etc.  
Dry spraying refractory gunite machine applied in steel plant
WZ-5AR dry spraying refractory gunite machine is use of compressed air to a certain ratio of refractory material is ejected at high speed, sprayed fire-resistant layer is formed on the spray surface. It is specifically designed for refractory dry-mix shotcrete applications, as well as for concrete shotcrete application. With our WZ-5AR dry shotcrete machine for refractory works, you can get low dust and high performance spraying flow in nozzleIts ejection construction speed, high efficiency, good quality of the project and other significant advantages are widely used, mainly for: industrial furnaces heat resistant layer of gunning operations.
refractory gunite machine applied in steel plant
WZ-5AR refractory shotcrete machine with water pump was recommended by all major refractory material manufacturers. According to customers demands, we designed WZ-5ER refractory shotcrete machine with electric motor for option.
dry spraying refractory gunite machine
OEM dry shotcrete machine for refractory works have the below features:
1. Refractory guniting machine with a stirring, transport, injection function.
2. Good quality concreting, high construction speed, labor-saving.
3.The gunning of metallurgical and industrial furnaces, widely used in steel mills.
4. Refractory guniting machine is the styling products, good quality, durable and consumable rotating plate, PCB, gun and other accessories stocked.
refractory gunning machine
WZ-5AR refractory dry shotcrete machine is air motor full pneumatic straight chamber rotor type refractory gunning machine.
The refractory repair machine is also equipped with a high-pressure water pump, which is used to provide high-pressure water for the new pre-damper nozzle assembly. There is a water ring in the nozzle assembly, and the high-pressure water is atomized through the small holes of the water ring. If so, water can even be mixed with the material to achieve the best spray effect. The ABB frequency converter is used to adjust the motor speed and further control the output of the refractory dispenser from 1m³/ h to 5m³/ h. When the machine starts to work, the small output can effectively avoid the blockage caused by the large output.
steel plant refractory gunite machine
WODETEC has many years of experience in customizing dry spraying refractory gunite machine for customers, and we will meet any requirements of your project for refractory repair machines. If you have any questions or requirements about our refractory repair machine. 

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