1000 liters capacity electric cement grout mixer

January 21, 2021

Wodetec is a professional grouting equipment manufacturer. Our machines mainly include grouting pumps, grouting pump stations, slurry machines and other related products. We have our own independent technical R&D team and production site. Wodetec always adheres to the concept of product first and meeting customer needs, striving to provide customers with the most satisfactory service. The cement grout mixer machines are 500L, 750L, 1000L, etc., the 1000 liters capacity electric cement grout mixer is widely welcomed by customers. The electric cement grout mixer is high shear and high speed mixer, mixing time just about 2~3 minutes. While some of other suppliers need about more than 5 minutes.

1000 liters capacity electric cement grout mixer

The 1000 liters cement grout mixer is combined with the mixer and agitator. When we pour water, cement, bentonite and other materials into the mixer, the blades in the mixer will mix these materials evenly, and then store them in 1000L agitator. Then we can get a well-stirred solution. The 1000 liters cement grout mixer usually used in hydraulic, railway, highway, construction, mining and other industries. The electric cement grout mixer has the functions of high pulping efficiency, simple operation, uniform slurry, and short-distance transportation.

 1000 liters capacity electric cement grout mixer

When we use the 1000 liters capacity electric cement grout mixer, we need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. When you want to use the machine, check the moving parts before turning on the power to see if they are blocked and if the connection is fixed. During operation. Also pay attention to whether the equipment has other abnormal phenomena

2. Regularly check the gearbox components.

3. Check whether the valve body is worn. If the valve body is severely worn, deformed or rusted (if the rust is severe and cannot be disassembled, disassemble the valve body, wipe it with a clean emery cloth, add butter to reduce wear), and if the seal is seriously affected, it must be replaced in time.

4. Avoid running the pump dry for a long time, and prevent larger hard particles and easy-winding tape from entering the circulating pump.

5. Regularly check whether there is mud leakage in the gearbox assembly of the agitator, or whether the discharged coolant is extremely turbid, and replace the parts in time according to the degree of wear.

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