Gunite machine for pool construction

January 20, 2021

 The gunite machine for pool construction is equipment used for wet spraying concrete. In principle, the wgunite machine for pool construction adopts low-pressure and low-speed vortex air transport and short-distance spraying. It overcomes the problems of pipe blockage, pulse, segregation, etc., and makes the sprayed material flow more Uniform and stable, improve spray coating material. Compared with dry gunite machine, the gunite machine for pool construction has the advantages of less dust, less springback, protecting the working environment, saving raw materials, significantly improving the quality of the spray layer, and convenient operation and maintenance.

gunite machine for pool construction

The gunite machine for pool construction is mainly used in engineering construction in railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, subways, mine tunnels, military installations, various underground construction and emergency rescue. The basic process is to use hydraulic pressure to transport the ready-mixed concrete to the spray gun through the pipeline, connect compressed air and quick-setting admixture to the nozzle of the spray gun, and then spray the concrete to the sprayed surface at a high speed. The concrete support is formed after rapid setting and hardening. Floor. With the large-scale development of modern engineering construction, the market demand for wet spraying machines has rapidly expanded in recent years, and the requirements for construction efficiency have become higher and higher. The construction efficiency is not only reflected in the shotcrete operation process, but also reflected in the flexibility of the product. Therefore, our shotcrete machine is equipped with wheels for easy movement.

gunite machine for pool construction

The gunite machine for pool construction is mainly based on the working principle of the feeding mechanism. There is a piston in each material cavity of the rotor. The piston is connected with the cam through the piston rod and rollers to form the rotor piston cam feeding mechanism. During the rotation of the rotor, the piston moves up and down in the rotor material cavity through this mechanism. The three material cavity pistons facing the hopper are in the downward process. Under the combined action of the hopper vibration motor and negative pressure, the concrete in the hopper enters the rotor cavity; the three material cavity pistons facing the gas mixing bin are upward During the process, the concrete in the material cavity is forced to be fed into the gas-material mixing chamber by the piston, and the rotor completes a cycle of unloading and feeding strokes after one rotation. The concrete material in the air mixing bin is mixed with compressed air to form a thin flow form, which is transported to the nozzle through the concrete injection pipe to spray.

gunite machine for pool construction

The gunite machine cost is exist , and if we have the gunite machine for pool construction ,we can greatly reduce labor costs and reduce the cost of building materials. If you are interested in the gunite machine for pool construction,please contact us!

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