Colloidal mixing grout plants for microtunneling

2021-12-22 15:55:00

The grouting injection technology will improve the soil strength and the modulus of deformation. It will decrease the soil permeability, improve the anti- permeability. This is widely used during the microtunneling and tunneling projects. During the grouting projects, colloidal grout mixers & pumps are the necessary equipment.

Colloidal mixing grout plants for microtunneling

The basic theory grouting is that the grout should be slowly injected and penetrated into the voids to replace the fluids in the formation voids without disturbing the skeleton of the soil. The results of such procedure is to improve waterlightness, deformability and strength of the natural soils. Using the grouting and injection technique, the homogeneous and continuous improvement effect of the solidified soil will be improved. So the foundation will be much steady.

Colloidal grout mixer & pump including a colloidal grout mixer, grout agitator and a grout pump. Mixer agitator and pump all on one based frame, it could result a continuous mixing and grouting projects. This is necessary for the grouting projects, such as microtunneling and tunneling projects.

Colloidal mixing grout plants for microtunneling

The capacity of the grout plants should be related to expected grout take. The grout mixer capacity, grout agitator capacity, grout pump flow and pressure. Also power for the mixing grout plants. The colloidal mixing grout plants could be an electric motor, diesel engine and air motor. Based on the working site power supply.

For the microtunneling grouting projects, the compact colloidal grout mixer & pump will be much helpful. It is easily mixed and pumps slurries of neat cement, fly ash, bentonite, microfine cements and lime flour. The colloidal mixing grout plants have been used in mictunneling projects. Matched with the tube push bench and used in the trenchless projects.

Heavy duty, high volume colloidal grout mixer & pump is suitable for a working site that requires colloidal mixing like dams, tunnels, post-tensioning, underground mining and many heavy construction jobs.

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