Application of wet shotcrete machine in the philippines

December 28, 2018

The mixed dry ingredients, artificial uniformly loaded hopper mixer, adding the right amount of water, the material through the mixer and stir evenly into the shotcrete machine. And then by the delivery pressure of the gas through the conveying pipe, nozzle to mix a good material ejected by the ejection surface. In the mixture to be ejected into the nozzle when mixed with the accelerator pump output liquid accelerator, to accelerate the solidification of concrete purpose.

Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

Wet mix shotcrete machine is widely used in tunnel building, mining, culverts, building excavation, river slope protection and other projects. LSZ3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying. And the dosing unit is combined with this machine.

Zhengzhou Wode Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 

Compared with the dry mix shotcrete machine, it has the following advantages:

1. Wet sprayed concrete mix is easy to control;

2. Lower rebound, can effectively control costs;

3. Small dust in the construction;

4. High productivity;

5. Little wear and tear of equipment and materials.

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