Application of refractory gunning machine in singapore

2021-12-16 16:35:07

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Wodetec refractory gunning machine is widely used for coverter, ladle, EAF, and RH-snorkels. It is a cheap alternative to renewal of complete lining. This process increases the service of the vessel considerably and reduces vessel reheating costs. Due to the repid repair, the number of circulating vessel, eg, ladles, can also potentially be reduced. The use of gunning manipulator for hot repair is necessary because of the hot conditions which are unsuitable for human operators. The devices also allow a more precisely located repair and higher gunning capacities (100-300kg/min), which considerably reduces the repair time and the loss of heat of the vessels. Rebound rates do tend to increase as injection rate increases.

pressure gunning machine for sale in singapore

When gunning machine is used for EAF repairs, the gunning nozzle is driven to the requested working position with the furnace roof removed. The operator starts the gunning machine and control the repair either by means of radio remote or by use of a pre-programmed gunning program. When refractory gunning machine is used for the repair of ladles. It is driven in front of the horizontal ladle and operated by a radio or cable remote and it can it be linked to a laser scanner. Manipulators can be used for the repair of RH-snorkels and,if the manipulator is equipped with two gunning lances, simultaneous internal and external repair can be carried out.


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