Application of shotcrete machine in Thailand

2021-12-22 11:14:52

WODETEC series shotcrete machine is divided into dry-mix shotcrete machine, wet-mix shotcrete machine and refractory gunite machine. Which is widely used for mining, swimming pools, tunnel, culvert, subway, hodropower engineering, underground excavation engineering etc.

Application of shotcrete machine in Thailand

In the opening up coal mine roadway construction process, the bolting and shotcrete lining is widely used, which is a process of active support. it is through the anchor bolt into the rock within the surrounding rock itself to change the state of stress in the surrounding roadway form an integral and stable rock band. So as to achieve the purpose of maintaining roadway safe. However, using only the bolting and shotcrete lining can not prevent the surrounding rock weathering, and can not prevent the crack between the bolt and the rock bolt peeling. Thus, the bolt support normally associated with metal mesh, shotcrete machine. Shotcrete concrete is a high strength, strong bond, impermeability good support ways.

Application of shotcrete machine in Thailand

When steel mesh is fixed in the rock face, begin to spraying concrete. Begin to spray concrete, the operator should reduce the distance between spray nozzle and the surface, to ensure the concrete solidity of steel and surface. Spraying order should be firstly spraying steel and surface, and then spraying concrete between steel and steel. In addition to the retractable node of retractable steel, steel should be covered by spraying concrete.

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