Application of WRM refractory mixer

2021-12-22 16:04:35

WRM refractory mixer is our newly developed pan type mixer, which is with supporting the use of WZ-3ER refractory gunning machine. Compared to no stirring and directly spraying, it can stir fully refractory materials, effectively reduce dust, save raw materials, which is beneficial to the health of the operator.


Application of GRM refractory mixerApplication of WRM refractory mixer

WRM refractory mixer has the below advantages:

1.Special designed for site operation;

2.Fast mixing speed and homogenous;

3.Compact structure;

4.Comfortable feeding height;

5.Easy to move;

6.With bag breaker;

7.Water spray nozzles;

8.Low maintenance cost.

It is based on these characteristics of the GRM refractory mixer,which is popular among domestic and foreign customers.


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